Chapter 1284: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (2)”

    Chapter 1284: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (2)"

    Jun Wu Xie had to protect not just herself, but also her family members and comrades that she cared about.

    Besides that.....

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao. she did not know Jun Wu Yao's real background but she could roughly guess that his identity was definitely not simple. For someone with power such as his but had chosen to remain in the Lower Realm, that was a point that she found a little strange. Thinking back to the kind of circumstances that they had first met under, she still remembered that he was imprisoned within that cave with shackles on his body. Those were not any ordinary shackles or with Jun Wu Yao's capabilities, how could a few chains possibly be able to restrict his freedom?

    [Why had he been imprisoned within that cave?]

    [And who had been the one to lock him up in there?]

    [And during his occasional disappearances, what had he been doing?]

    Jun Wu Xie had never asked him about it before, and did not give it any thought. But now, she could not help but start thinking about it.

    After having witnessed for herself the overwhelming might that Jun Wu Yao possessed, she could not even begin to imagine just who could possibly be able to imprison him.

    Although Jun Wu Xie did not have the slightest inkling who his enemy could possibly be, but a thought then rose within her heart.

    [Maybe a day would come that she would not need Jun Wu Yao's protection anymore. Maybe a day would come where she would be able to stand by his side to face any enemy that came at them.]


    [Wanted to help him as well.]

    "What? Why are you staring so hard at me for? Little Xie, could it be that you are thinking about me again?" Jun Wu Yao said as he looked smilingly at Jun Wu Xie. He liked it when she gazed at him like this, like, there was only him within her world.

    Jun Wu Yao moved closer to Jun Wu Xie till their faces were just a finger's width apart.

    "You are from the Middle Realm?" Jun Wu Xie asked suddenly.

    A look of surprise came into Jun Wu Yao's eyes and this was the second time that Jun Wu Xie had asked about his origins ever since the two of them had met.

    The first time that had happened, he had used an unorthodox method to alter the memories of the Jun Family's father and son pair and remained within the Lin Palace with his identity as Jun Wu Yao. Jun Wu Xie had done the same thing then and asked who he really was but Jun Wu Xie at that time had been glaring at him with cold and chilling eyes, her tone sharp and prickly.

    But her query today, had been filled with puzzlement instead.

    "Why are you asking me this all of a sudden?" Jun Wu Yao sat himself back on the seat and looked at Jun Wu Xie as he asked.

    The mirth within his eyes slowly faded and a trace of distress never before seen came to show in them, very faintly, and not easily detected.

    "Just want to know." Jun Wu Xie said candidly.

    Jun Wu Yao then asked: "Is Little Xie suddenly thinking she wants to understand more about me?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes darkened but he concealed it very well. When he raised his eyes up once again, they were shining with that same old teasing glint in them.

    "Who I was before, is not important. You will only need to know that from the moment I stepped into the Lin Palace, I have been and still am Jun Wu Yao, the Jun Wu Yao that you have known and that will be enough." There were some things he did not wish for Jun Wu Xie to know about, maybe he was unwilling, or maybe..... he did not dare.....

    Knowing his identity for Jun Wu Xie in the current state that she was, would not be beneficial to her in anyway, but would instead put her in grave danger.

    "I am very happy that you would ask this of me. Little Xie..... in your heart, am I different from any other person?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he suddenly stretched his hand out to hold Jun Wu Xie's tiny hand, wrapping it within his warm palm.

    Her tiny hand, was just like her person, petite and soft, but holding completely inestimable power within.

    "Yes." Jun Wu Xie said softly. She knew then, that he was unwilling to speak more of it.

    While she, did not want to force the issue.
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