Chapter 1285: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (3)”

    Chapter 1285: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (3)"

    Jun Wu Yao then smiled, and his smile this time was different from before. He stretched his hand out and enveloped Jun Wu Xie into his embrace, tenderly circling his arm around that petite frame, his heart almost bursting with bliss.

    So what if he had achieved splendorous glory and reigned supreme throughout the realm in the past?

    Not for a single moment, had he experienced the feeling he was feeling right now, where he felt like.... he possessed everything within the entire world..... everything.

    He really wished, that time would just stop at that moment.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed up, a deep chilling glint flashed within them.

    The journey to the Heaven's End Cliff was peaceful and uneventful, and besides making their way forward, the only other thing they did was when they made the occasional stop for some rest, where they would come down from the horse carriages and gather around a fire.

    The weather was turning to become slightly warmer, where the winds were no longer that bitingly cold. Although the air was still a little chilly, it was nevertheless much better than it had been before.

    Little Jue was brought along on the journey together with Jun Wu Xie and her companions. For some unknown reason, the little fella seemed to have developed a strong reliance on Jun Wu Xie and although what he said most frequently on a daily basis was "yit.....", whenever Jun Wu Xie appeared in front of him, his scarlet pair of eyes would just become fixed upon Jun Wu Xie's figure, looking like an insecure little animal that was afraid of being abandoned.

    However, as Jun Wu Xie's carriage had already been forcibly occupied by Jun Wu Yao, even  Little Jue with his dim awareness did not dare to just jump in and was left with no choice but to share the other carriages taken up by Qiao Chu and the others.

    Little Jue's second choice was Rong Ruo. It almost seemed like the very moment after he realized that he would not be able to remain with Jun Wu Xie, he had immediately stretched his little hands out towards Rong Ruo to ask to be carried.

    In the end.....

    He was picked up by Fei Yan and kept on one side, not daring to let him get close to Rong Ruo in the slightest.

    After having seen it countless times, where Little Jue who seeked to get close to Rong Ruo was picked up by Fei Yan who held him by the collar to go to one side once again, Qiao Chu who just came down from the carriage in front could not help himself but laugh out loud.

    "I'll say Little Yan, do you really need to worry about it so much? I don't think Little Jue means any harm and he might even genuinely like Little Ruo. Why are you guarding against him like a he's a thief?" Qiao Chu said, his face unable to stifle the mirth he felt. Throughout the journey, after Little Jue had failed both times to stick to Jun Wu Xie and Rong Ruo, he was dumped onto Fan Zhuo. Now that they had this scarce opportunity to come down from the carriages to get some rest, Fei Yan was however still so guarded against the little fella.

    Fei Yan gave Qiao Chu a stern glare.

    If Little Jue was just an ordinary kid, he really wouldn't mind it all that much.

    But every time that kid saw Rong Ruo, he would always say the same words: "Yit Big Brother."

    Against such a little monster who was able to crush up jade stones with his teeth, how could he dare to let that little brat whose mind was completely filled with "yit Big Brother" to be placed before Rong Ruo?

    [That must never be allowed to happen!]

    In the event that he did not pay full attention to him, and the little kid take a bite on Rong Ruo, with the kind of teeth he had, he would surely bite through Rong Ruo all the way through her bones!

    "I don't need you to add on to my troubles!" Fei Yan snapped at Qiao Chu, and lowered his gaze to look at Little Jue whom he was holding in his hand.

    The little kid was looking at him timidly, his big eyes looking aggrieved and filled with fear. The sides of Fei Yan's mouth twitched. The little monster looks no different from any ordinary kids on the outside, but Jun Wu Yao had said it before that day. If they were all to really fight, none of them would be a match for this little fella here.

    Although he similarly found Little Jue to be pitiful, Fei Yan was still not about to have his "future bride" face such a risk.

    "Here! You be good and remember you are not allowed to go find Big Brother Rong Ruo. Do you understand?" Fei Yan grudgingly pulled out a small bag from within his robes, and the contents within the bag tinkled clearly.
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