Chapter 1286: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (4)”

    Chapter 1286: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (4)"

    Little Jue blinked his eyes and opened the bag to peer inside. His eyes immediately sparkled brightly.

    Inside that bag, it contained unpolished jade stones of all sizes big and small. To Little Jue who was concerned only about the jade stone's spirit essence, it did not matter to him how the jade stones looked.

    With the bag of jade stones in his hands, the aggrieved look in Little Jue's eyes dissipated to nothing and he hopped along to one side and began munching away.

    Rong Ruo looked on helplessly as she observed Fei Yan's actions and could only shake her head secretly while feeling unable to do anything about it in her heart.

    "Five more days and we will then reach the Heaven's End Cliff. This time we will not fall into the hopelessly wretched state like we had been previously." Seated around the fire, Qiao Chu rubbed his fist as he spoke, looking like he could not wait to climb down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff once again.

    Their previous experience with the Heaven's End Cliff, could be said to have left an indelible mark upon them and they still had not forgotten a single thing about it till now.

    That place that was like their worst nightmares come true, had now under the guidance of the complete map, had its true face revealed to the companions.

    "The Dark Regions truly live up to their name as the Middle Realms' number one, the fact that they had been able to construct a tomb to such complexity is just unimaginable to anyone." Fan Zhuo exhorted as he took out the map that they had pieced together. The eight maps perfectly pieced out the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff where it showed them everything hidden beneath that mystifying fog.

    The dangers that the Dark Regions had set up around the Dark Emperor's tomb, went way beyond what they had experienced the last time they came.

    Even with the maps in their hands, what they saw upon them still made them break out in cold sweat. The more detailed the maps were, the more it made them realise just how dangerous the Dark Emperor's tomb was. They found that the could not make themselves imagine, just how much their parents had really sacrificed at that time, before they were able to find the exact location of the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    "The Dark Emperor was the pillar of the Dark Regions and even though he has passed on for many years, the Dark Regions still revere him as their peerless and supreme leader. It was said from a long time ago that the people in the Dark Regions hold the Dark Emperor in reverence that was almost maniacal in worship and when the Dark Emperor fell, not the slightest bit of chaos had erupted from within the Dark Regions and the Night Regime that the Dark Emperor created sent all the treasures the Dark Emperor had possessed when he was alive into the tomb, to remain by the Dark Emperor's side. Such a instance, if it had happened to any other powers, might be impossible to achieve." Rong Ruo said, her voice deeply moved.

    Regardless if it was a ruler, or any sovereign of the highest order, whether their subordinates would still remain just as loyal after their passing was impossible for anyone to know for sure. To have his men truly not hide away anything in the slightest and taking everything to bury them deep underground, while sparing no efforts and thoughts to create and build up countless obstacles, such charisma of the man and the dedication his men had for him was not something an average person could possibly possess.

    "When I was very young, I had heard quite a few legends about the Dark Regions. It was said that after the Dark Emperor fell, the Dark Regions withdrew into themselves and did not walk the Middle Realms much after that. They would not take the initiative to provoke anyone and no one had the guts to go provoke them either. Although the Dark Emperor was no longer around, the Night Regime that the Dark Emperor himself created was still in the Dark Regions. It was said that every single one within the Night Regime are peerless fighters and any single one among them would be able to be on par with the Elders of the Twelve Palaces. But I do not know whether that is really true." Upon hearing the others talk, Qiao Chu immediately got excited.

    Rong Ruo nodded in agreement and her gaze subconsciously turned to glance at Jun Wu Yao but she quickly averted her eyes as she continued to say: "It's true. The Dark Emperor's might reigned dominance over everyone within the Middle Realm and the Night Regime under him drove endless fear into the hearts of people. It was said once the Night Regime was mobilized, everyone would back away in retreat, as no one dared to confront them."
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