Chapter 1287: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (5)”

    Chapter 1287: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (5)"

    "The reason the Twelve Palaces are being so discreet and secretive in their search for the Dark Emperor's tomb is also due to the Night Regime. The Night Regime is loyal only to the Dark Emperor and if they found out that the Twelve Palaces had set their sights upon the Dark Emperor's tomb, they will surely break out from their cocoon and destroy them. I am thinking even the Twelve Palaces would not dare to directly confront the Night Regime." Rong Ruo said.

    The Dark Regions in the Middle Realm were an immortal legend by themselves and the one man responsible for the creation of that legend was the Dark Emperor.

    A man so powerful that he made everyone throughout the Middle Realm bow before him to proclaim him as Emperor!

    "Gulp..... Do you think, if the Dark Regions knew that we've broken into the Dark Emperor's tomb, will they then....." Qiao Chu said gulping loudly as he raised his hand to draw a line across his neck.

    To face the Twelve Palaces, they were not fearful. But if it was the Night Regime.....

    "We have come to the stage that we cannot afford to think too much into it and just be cautious with every step we take." Hua Yao said with a sigh. If it was possible, they would not want to have to face off with the Night Regime at all.

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze deepened slightly as well. She did not know the Middle Realm that well but from what Qiao Chu and the others were saying, it was not difficult to gather just how powerful the Night Regime was.

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie's bothered expression from the side and a faint smile twinkled in his eyes.

    Ye Mei and Ye Sha stood silently at the side, trying to hold down the surge of pride in their hearts.

    [All you young ones, there is absolutely no need for any of you to worry about the Dark Regions or Night Regime wrecking vengeance upon you at all!]

    [You will be led by none other than the Dark Emperor himself to go dig into "his" tomb! Even if the Dark Regions got wind of it, none of them will do anything to all of you and will at most joyously welcome Lord Jue back to the Dark Regions in song and dance!]

    [Moreover, with Lord Jue at your sides, not to mention just digging into the tomb, even if you empty it out completely, none within the Dark Regions will dare utter a single sound!]

    The two men who knew the entire truth behind it all instead did not dare to speak a word of it, holding it in within themselves so hard they almost sustained internal injuries.

    They could not even begin to imagine just what kind of an mentality their Lord Jue was taking as he led their Young Miss and her young companions to go dig up his own tomb.....

    The two men could do nothing but kept their mouths shut, to further suppress the raging emotions within their hearts.

    After a short rest, everyone climbed back onto the horse carriages to continue on their way to the Heaven's End Cliff. Five days passed in a blink and when they came upon the Heaven's End Cliff once again, it had become hugely different from before.

    At the sheer and precipitous cliff face after the dense forests, a thick stench of blood hung heavily in the air. The stench was so thick it was highly suffocating as a great area of the soil turned red under spilt blood. Dead bodies lay fallen scattered all over the ground as incessant sounds of fighting rang out at the cliff's edge.

    The pungent bloody aroma caused the running horses to sense danger and they slowed down their pace.

    The speed of the carriages slowed to a crawl and Jun Wu Xie woke up from having dozed off. Her eyes opened slightly and the thick stench of blood immediately shot up her nose causing her face to crease up into a deep frown.

    "Awake already?" Jun Wu Yao did not seem to have noticed anything outside but was just looking at Jun Wu Xie with a smile on his face.

    "Something's up outside." Jun Wu Xie said. That bloody stench was a smell that was only too familiar to her.

    "Just let Ye Sha and Ye Mei deal with it." Jun Wu Yao said still smiling. After going down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, there wouldn't be much opportunities for them to rest and he did not wish to have anyone or anything impeding Jun Wu Xie from getting her rest.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei who were on the outside of the carriage immediately slipped up front to scout out the situation upon receiving their orders and it was not long before they came back.

    But the expression on Ye Sha's face looked like it was almost covered with a layer of frost.

    "Two different factions from the Twelve Palaces are battling up front." Ye Mei reported stoically.
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