Chapter 1288: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (6)”

    Chapter 1288: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (6)"

    "Twelve Palaces." Jun Wu Yao's eyes instantly turned to ice and the corners of his mouth curled up into a chilling smile. "Did you see which two palaces were they from?"

    Upon hearing the mention of the Twelve Palaces, Jun Wu Xie's eyes had turned colder as well.

    The Twelve Palaces had been searching for the Dark Emperor's tomb all this time and the location of the Heaven's End Cliff had already been exposed. Regardless whether they possessed the map or not, the palaces would send their people to probe further into the Heaven's End Cliff. Weren't the numerous piles of bones the companions had seen before left behind by people with similar aims?

    Ye Mei was silent for a moment as he glanced at Ye Sha who was reacting rather strangely before he said: "One party is the Palace of All Life and the other is the..... Flame Demons Palace."

    The moment the three words Flame Demons Palace was mentioned, Jun Wu Xie's heart jumped in shock!

    Flame Demons Palace.....

    Back in the Cloudy Peaks, hadn't the two men who had wanted to snatch her ring spirit from her been from the Flame Demons Palace? That incident could be said to have been the most abysmal stumble that Jun Wu Xie had taken since her rebirth, the first taste she had of the Middle Realm's power, which had nearly cost her her life in the Cloudy Peaks.

    Moreover, the Ye Sha of that time had in order to protect her, self imploded in a show of ultimate sacrifice!

    Jun Wu Xie now understood why Ye Sha's face had turned so frosty.

    "Little Xie, is there something you seemed to have recalled?" Jun Wu Yao turned his head to look at Jun Wu Xie. The words Flame Demons Palace had similarly left a deep impression on him.

    Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and her hands clenched into fists.

    Suddenly, her tightly clenched up hands were wrapped up by a warm hand that closed over hers.

    "Leave it to me to deal with it." Jun Wu Yao's voice rang out coaxingly from a side of her ear.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her head to look at Jun Wu Yao.

    "I understand that Little Xie wants to seek revenge, but as we are just about to go down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, why should you waste your energy upon trash such as them?" Jun Wu Yao persuaded in a highly gentle tone, as his other hand stroked Jun Wu Xie gently upon her head.

    "I want to do it myself." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed. The humiliation she had suffered upon the Cloudy Peaks still had not been forgotten till this day. If Ye Sha had not finally chosen to self implode at that time, then the one who would have died upon the Cloudy Peaks that day would have been her.

    At that time, she was merely nothing more than an insect in the eyes of the people from the Middle Realm, but things were highly different now.

    She wanted payback for that debt!

    Jun Wu Yao however shook his head and further coaxed: "Be good. This time, let me do it."

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Wu Yao in puzzlement. This was the first time that Jun Wu Yao was persuading her not to do it herself.

    Jun Wu Yao's narrowed into two little crescents as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's long and luxurious jet black hair as he said in an indifferent voice and said: "Little Xie's ways are still just too gentle. For people who had once brought harm upon you, I do not want them to die off so easily. Moreover, I would also not wish for the poison you had crafted with your own hands to be taken by such people. It will just be too much of a waste."

    Even if it was poison, as long as it was made personally by her, he would be most willing to swallow it, and not give that luxury to the bunch of insects from the Flame Demons Palace.

    Jun Wu Xie was taken aback. From as long as she could remember, he was the first person to say that..... her "ways were too gentle".

    Unable to change Jun Wu Yao's mind, Jun Wu Xie finally nodded in agreement. Jun Wu Yao left a light kiss upon her forehead and he immediately disappeared from the spot he had been in, as Ye Sha and Ye Mei turned into two fleeting fast flashes that sped up in front!

    Qiao Chu and the others who had come out from their horse carriage heard Ye Sha and Jun Wu Yao's conversation and the faces of Qiao Chu and Hua Yao immediately turned an ugly shade.

    Everything that had happened back in the Cloudy Peaks then, had been just too terrifying!

    "What is going on....." Fan Zhuo asked as he led Little Jue down from the carriage. Little Jue had just touched the ground when he saw that Jun Wu Yao was not with Jun Wu Xie and his short legs immediately opened in stride to speed over to Jun Wu Xie, latching himself onto Jun Wu Xie's waist with a leap, to call out in a soft and adorable voice: "Little Big Brother."
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