Chapter 1289: “Revisiting the Heaven’s End Cliff (7)”

    Chapter 1289: "Revisiting the Heaven's End Cliff (7)"

    Besides Fan Zhuo, everyone's faces were not looking too good and Fan Zhuo had immediately picked up that something was up.

    "There are people from the Twelve Palaces at the Heaven's End Cliff." Fei Yan said through gritted teeth.

    "The path always narrows between enemies! I wonder if those two scoundrels we met back in the Cloudy Peaks are there as well. If they are, I would really like to avenge the humiliation we've suffered before!" Qiao Chu said as he clenched his fists so tightly they were making a crackling sound. Although they had managed to survive, but their lives had been saved only with the sacrifice of Ye Sha's life.

    Although they did not know how Ye Sha had resurrected, but to a man, having to hide behind someone else's back to live in cowardice was to them just completely unbearable humiliation!

    "What is going on here?" Fan Zhuo asked, becoming more confused.

    Fei Yan and Rong Ruo knew very clearly about the encounter that Jun Wu Xie, Qiao Chu and Hua Yao had met with in the Cloudy Peaks but Fan Zhuo knew nothing about it. Now that they have stumbled upon the people from the Flame Demons Palace, Rong Ruo explained what had happened before to Fan Zhuo.

    Fan Zhuo's face then immediately contorted in rage.

    "The Twelve Palaces are truly getting more and more audacious!"

    "The relationship between the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palaces have always been subtle and the Four Sides have always withdrawn themselves from the strife. When the Dark Regions stopped getting involved with the affairs of the Middle Realm, the people that were happiest about it were the Twelve Palaces, thinking that they could grab at the opportunity to control everything?" Fei Yan said, his voice a cold sneer.

    As the youths carried on with their conversation, none of them noticed that Little Jue whom Jun Wu Xie was carrying in her arms was also looking at them, every single one of their words floating into the little boy's ears and his scarlet eyes suddenly flashed with a strange glint.

    "Little Big Brother, painful?" Little Jue raised his head, looking mournfully at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "It's not painful anymore."

    Little Jue lowered his head, and it was not known what he was thinking about. His spirit was not complete and whether he was able to fully understand all that Rong Ruo said was another question.


    At the Heaven's End Cliff's top, two factions were engaged in battle and the light from Purple Spirits lit up the air!

    The stench of blood grew thicker spreading out further. There were deaths suffered from both sides but no matter how many of them fell, they had no intention of stopping in the least as the fierce battle ground on.

    "You people from the Flame Demons Palace are just too outrageous. Do you think there is no one left in Palace of All Life! ?" A man who had been pushed back in retreat from a palm strike was looking rather pale as he clutched at his chest, his eyes glaring fiercely at the grey robed man in front of him.

    The grey robed man stood with his arms behind his back, his cold gaze filled with disdain.

    Standing behind the grey robed man, a man dressed in green then said with a sneer: "No matter how many people you have, just come at us! The Flame Demons Palace would not fear you!"

    The two groups of people from the Flame Demons Palace and the Palace of All Life had encountered each other on the Heaven's End Cliff and their purpose was clear. The people from the Palace of All Life had thought that the opposing party would not want to blow up the incident like them and had not expected that upon the moment they met, the people from the Flame Demons Palace would attack them immediately. They attacked fiercely, everything single strike lethal, catching the people from the Palace of All Life completely unprepared as they scrambled to defend themselves!

    What made things worse for them was that the grey robed man from the Flame Demons Palace was terrifyingly powerful!

    The two different parties had a similar amount of people and their overall might was about the same. But the Flame Demons Palace had an explosively powerful man in grey robes and with just his power alone, he had exterminated quite a number of men from the Palace of All Life. That had pushed the people from the Palace of All Life back on the defensive.

    Looking at the number of their people dwindling, the leader of the party from the Palace of All Life was beginning to become more anxious.

    "Pooh! If not for the fact that you have one of your Elders with you, do you think that you will be able to hold us back? !"

    [Translator's Note: Did I use Palace of All Living or Palace of All Life back then? Can't seem to find it...]
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