Chapter 1291: “Settling the Score (1)”

    Chapter 1291: "Settling the Score (1)"

    "Who are you! ?" The man in green asked with his face creased up in a frown as he stared at Jun Wu Yao who had suddenly appeared. He carelessly assumed that the man was someone from the Lower Realm and the glow from his Purple Spirit flared out wide, fully prepared to eradicate this random person who was in their way.

    But before he could make a move, Elder Hui who was standing right beside him suddenly held him down by his shoulder.

    "Elder Hui?" The man in green questioned in puzzlement as he looked at Elder Hui.

    Elder Hui's eyes narrowed up as he stared with his eyes fixed upon Jun Wu Yao.

    "Don't make any rash moves." Elder Hui said in a cold voice.

    "Why?" The man in green was confused. Even for the people from the Palace of All Life, they had immediately move to kill in the first instance. Facing just a man from the Lower Realm now and Elder Hui was asking them to not act rashly?

    "Look there." Elder Hui stuck out his chin to point and the eyes of the man in green looked in that direction, his gaze moving down from Jun Wu Yao's face to his feet!

    Suddenly, he realized that Jun Wu Yao's feet were not touching the ground, but he was levitating off the ground, about a palm width above.

    With that one look, the man in green was immediately bathed in cold sweat.

    The man from the Palace of All Life panted heavily as he stared at Jun Wu Yao, and he noticed the strange phenomenon upon Jun Wu Yao.

    Just like the man in green, he was similarly shocked!

    Levitation could only be used by extraordinary people and throughout the entire Twelve Palaces, besides the Twelve Palace Lords, none others are capable of that technique. Moreover, even for all the various Palace Lords, they could only levitate for short periods of time where it was achieved through gathering their spirit powers below their feet and they could only maintain it for very short periods. But the man before their eyes was blatantly using it as replacement for walking and what terrified him even more was that he was unable to detect the slightest trace of spirit power from the man.

    In an instant, the people from the Flame Demons Palace and the Palace of All Life were made immediately aware, no matter what the identity of the man before them really was, he possessed power beyond that of their respective Palace Lords themselves!

    That one point was enough to drive terror deep into their hearts.

    Although the Twelve Palace Lords in the MIddle Realm were not considered to be peerless and invincible, but they were already considered to be part of the elites. There weren't many who could surpass them and anyone who did hold power stronger than them, would possess similarly powerful backgrounds.

    Right at that moment, regardless whether it was the people from the Flame Demons Palace or the Palace of All Life, they were all not dumb enough to go challenge Jun Wu Yao in any way.

    The clash and clatter of drawn weapons that had filled the area just a moment before, had immediately disappeared without a trace with the appearance of Jun Wu Yao.

    "May I ask the identity of this esteemed stranger? The Flame Demons Palace had to deal with a little private issue today and if we've offended you in any way, allow me to ask for your understanding." The highly cold and arrogant Elder Hui suddenly turned highly deferential and his tone of voice became polite and amicable.

    Jun Wu Yao's face had a devilish smile upon it and his gaze swept over the people from the Flame Demons Palace but did not say a single word.

    His silence made the people standing atop the Heaven's End Cliff even more nervous.

    After a while, Ye Mei and Ye Sha finally caught up and lined themselves on both sides of Jun Wu Yao.

    However, the instant Ye Sha and Ye Mei appeared, the man in green and Elder Hui's faces immediately changed!

    Isn't that man the black robed one who had imploded himself in sacrifice back at the Cloudy Peaks? Didn't he die that time when his body blew up into a million pieces? How..... did he come to appear here now?

    The man in green was suddenly in a panic. He attempted to tell himself that the man he was seeing was not the same one he encountered back in the Cloudy Peaks, but no matter which way he looked at it, that man's face was exactly the same as the one he had seen back in the Cloudy Peaks! And even his clothes and demeanor was exactly the same!

    What really made him even more fearful, were the words Jun Wu Yao then asked that man!
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