Chapter 1292: “Settling the Score (2)”

    Chapter 1292: "Settling the Score (2)"

    "Are those two men here?" Jun Wu Yao asked in a highly casual voice.

    Jun Wu Yao's question caused the heart of the man in green rise to shoot up, lodging in the back of his throat, and making his entire body break out in cold sweat.

    [Those two men?]

    [What two men! ?]

    That question had made the man in green to suddenly think of the time he and Elder Hui had attacked Ye Sha!

    Ye Sha slowly raised his head and his chillingly cruel gaze swept over the man in green and Elder Hui before he said: "They're present." Immediately upon saying that, he raised his hand and pointed his finger at the man in green and Elder Hui.

    With Ye Sha's finger pointed at them, it immediately caused the hearts of the man in green and Elder Hui to drop to the bottom of the ravine. They turned instinctively to look at Jun Wu Yao and they saw that corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth had curled up into a chillingly devilish smile, a smile that sent shivers deep into their bones.

    "This is just a misunderstanding! Please hear us out and allow us to explain!" Suddenly overwhelmed with fear, the man in green quickly said in a hurry. For some reason, just looking at Jun Wu Yao's gaze had made him realize that he was doomed. Fear like he never felt before spread to every inch of his body which made his voice tremble slightly.

    "Oh?" An eyebrow on Jun Wu Yao's face lifted, the sinister smile never once leaving his face, obviously in no hurry to make his move.

    And Jun Wu Yao's single syllable query in reply was latched on by the man in green like it was his last ray of hope to live.

    "We..... We were only seeking to capture that youth who possessed a plant spirit that day and we had absolutely no intention of making things difficult for our brother here, and had never even dreamed of wanting to hurt him at all! That day..... That day, although our Elder injured him, but we had never seeked to take his life but had merely wanted to stop him from interfering with our mission....." The man in green stuttered in a shaky voice, nothing like the arrogant person he was when he had been talking to the people from the Palace of All Life.

    Jun Wu Yao just looked at him smilingly.

    The man in green couldn't fathom what Jun Wu Yao was thinking and he did not dare to say another word.

    The colour on Elder Hui's face had turned a highly ugly shade.

    Jun Wu Yao remained silent for a while and then suddenly said with a laugh: "From what you've told me, both of you were only intending to kill that little youth who possessed a plant spirit?"

    The man in green thought that he had just found a crevice to turn the whole thing around and he quickly nodded vehemently.

    "That's right, our target had always been to only snatch that plant spirit and we've never wanted to hurt the innocent. The Flame Demons Palace would never allow us to act rashly but our brother here had chosen to self implode on his own that day....." At that moment, the man in green was just anxious to resolve the matter and he wanted to have absolutely nothing to do with this terrifying man before their eyes.

    Hearing the explanation given by the man in green, the people from the Palace of All Life sneered in derision.

    "The Flame Demons Palace would never allow you to act rashly? That must be the biggest joke I have ever heard! The Flame Demons Palace have always been arrogant in their ways and that is a fact that is widely known throughout the Middle Realm. Why had this brother here chosen to self implode? If you had not forced him into a corner with no other way out, how could he possibly choose to make such a choice!" The man from the Palace of All Living said in a voice dripping with contempt. Although he was no match for the people from the Flame Demons Palace here, but he was not a dumb person. The mysterious man from unknown origins obviously had some form of conflict with the two men from the Flame Demons Palace and he would naturally not miss this great opportunity to add fuel to the fire.

    If he was able to anger the man enough to lash out and destroy the people from the Flame Demons Palace, then they would be saved from their crisis,

    The man in green had tried so hard to finally appease the terrifying man and seeing the man from the Palace of All Life driving the wedge further with his venomous words, he immediately felt the scalp on his head crawl. He then rushed to shout loudly: "You must not shoot off your mouth so carelessly! Our Flame Demons Palace had always been careful to stay within the boundaries and would never pick a fight unnecessarily!"

    He silently prayed fervently in his heart, that Jun Wu Yao would not believe the words of the man from the Palace of All Life.
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