Chapter 1293: “Settling the Score (3)”

    Chapter 1293: "Settling the Score (3)"

    " I'm shooting my mouth off? Ha ha, what a great joke! If the ways of the Flame Demons Palace could be termed to be within boundaries, then why had you attacked my people from the Palace of All Life here today?" The man from the Palace of All Life was not willing to let go of the fact that the Flame Demons Palace had taking advantage of the fact their more numerous group of people and were killing them indiscriminately.

    The man in green then said angrily: "If not for the fact that you guys from the Palace of All Life had stepped out of line and snatched away what belonged to us, why would we have to resort to such drastic measures! ?"

    "Ha! Snatch your things? That's just what you claim! When did we ever snatch anything of yours? It is obvious all of you are just falsely pinning this charge out of nowhere onto our heads! This is just a lousy excuse you are making for yourselves!" The man from the Palace of All Life  was so angry he was spitting his words out through gritted teeth. They had never wanted to get into this brawl with the Flame Demons Palace but the Flame Demons Palace had suddenly lunged straight at them, catching them completely unprepared. If not for the sudden appearance of Jun Wu Yao, even the men they had left there would have been slaughtered by the Flame Demons Palace!

    Although the Palace of All Life had once thought to steal the maps, but as the various palaces had always been highly secretive about the maps they possessed, they had not been able to find out to which power they had handed their map over to in the Lower Realm! Hence, even if they had wanted to steal the map, they didn't even know where they were to begin!

    Against this accusation from the Flame Demons Palace, the Palace of All Life just found it completely ludicrous.

    Both sides were unwilling to budge. The Flame Demons Palace were anxious to resolve their conflict with Ye Sha from before and on the other hand, the Palace of All Life was trying their best to muddy up the waters as they argued vehemently with each other. But due to Jun Wu Yao's terrifying presence there, they did not dare throw any more punches.

    Jun Wu Yao's smile did not change in the slightest but his eyes had darkened without anyone noticing.

    Just as the man from the Palace of All Life was in a hurry to push the men from Flame Demons Palace deeper into the abyss, a dark shadowy flash suddenly shot past his neck!

    In an instant, that man lost his voice. His eyes flared wide in disbelief as a thin red line appeared upon his neck. Blood then gushed out from that thin red line to immediately turn his entire neck red. His shocked eyes were staring straight at Jun Wu Yao, seemingly unable to accept what was happening to him!

    A thud then sounded!

    The man's head rolled upon the ground and blood sprayed out from the wide open wound! Warm red blood rained down upon the area around his now dead body.

    And under that bloody rain, the man's corpse fell in his own blood.

    Till death, he still did not know what wrong he had committed. Why Jun Wu Yao had not only not raised his hand against the people from the Flame Demon Palace but had instead lopped off his head without even moving!

    The leader of the men from the Palace of All Life had died in a blink!

    The rest of the people from the Palace of All Life stood rooted in their spots woodenly. They had not even seen when Jun Wu Yao had struck and their leader was already dead without even making a sound!

    The warm blood splattered upon their faces but it instead chilled them to their bones!

    That man's death had been completely unexpected and had taken everyone by surprise. Even the people from the Flame Demons Palace were stunned.

    Hadn't this mysterious man come here seeking to settle scores with them? Why had he lashed out but it was a man from the Palace of All Life who died instead?

    The man in green whose heart had been lodged in his throat all this time finally secretly breathed out in relief and a tinge of delight rose within his heart. He immediately went walking forward and he clasped his hand over his fist respectfully before Jun Wu Yao to say: "Let me express my gratitude for Senior's help. Such despicable people should rightfully fall to such a fate. Senior is truly a esteemed man with a sense of justice. I apologise for any offence caused from the misunderstanding between us before and we are willing to offer our sincerest apologies to our brother here once again, hoping that the matter can be resolved henceforth."
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