Chapter 1294: “Settling the Score (4)”

    Chapter 1294: "Settling the Score (4)"

    When Jun Wu Yao killed the man from the Palace of All Life, it made the man in green assume that Jun Wu Yao no longer had the intention to made things difficult for them and that assumed discovery secretly delighted him but he was unable to hide the sparkle of joy that came into his eyes.

    However, before the man in green was finished congratulating himself in glee, several dark shadowy flashes shot past his shoulders, shooting behind behind he stood!

    In a blink, every single person from the Twelve Palaces standing upon the top of the Heaven's End Cliff suddenly had all their heads spiralling away, separated from their bodies!

    With the exception of the man in green who had his smile frozen upon his face and Elder Hui, everyone from the Flame Demons Palace and the Palace of All Life were all killed without a sound in an instant!

    Several tens of people had their heads lopped off at the exact same moment and great sprays of blood burst out from the open wounds upon their necks.

    The blood fell, a fine red drizzle as it dotted the land drop by drop, the still warm and sticky blood instantly soaking into the clothes of the man in green and Elder Hui's.

    The man in green and Elder Hui suddenly stared with their eyes wide and incredulous, in utter disbelief as they turned to look at Jun Wu Yao, the glee from before dissipating into nothing in that instant. They could not understand at all why the man had done that.....

    If it was for revenge, why had he killed the people from the Palace of All Life as well?

    If not for revenge, why had he carried out this instantaneous massacre! ?

    On this trip to the Heaven's End Cliff, both the Flame Demon Palace and the Palace of All Life had sent out quite a number of powerful fighters and although the Flame Demons Palace had Elder Hui leading them, it would still pose them some difficulty to annihilate the entire group from the Palace of All Life in a short period of time.

    But the incredibly handsome and devilishly looking man standing before their eyes had merely wiggled his fingers nonchalantly and he had immediately claimed the lives of several tens of people from the two different palaces with many powerful fighters among them!

    Such absolutely peerless and dominating power threw the man in green and Elder Hui into a helpless state in that instant!

    "Senior..... Senior, what are you doing....." The clothes of the man in green were now thoroughly soaked through with the blood from his comrades as his eyes stared in pure horror at Jun Wu Yao.

    He was still smiling, though his hands were already stained with the blood of murder.

    Seeing him through that rain of blood, while he stood before their eyes, that was no longer a man, but a bloodthirsty demon!

    "You were just saying earlier that you were seeking to kill a little fella....." Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed up, and his jet black irises were slowly in tandem with his deepening smile, gradually filling up with a brilliant violet light.

    "Apologies, the little one you were seeking to kill is actually my sweetheart."

    In the instant that the violet light completely filled the irises, a ball of black mist suddenly appeared beside Jun Wu Yao! The mist swirled incessantly behind him, like malevolent claws and fangs, ready to tear anyone up in shreds in an instant!

    That moment, the man in green and Elder Hui were stunned in immobility.

    Their eyes stared locked upon Jun Wu Yao's pair of violet coloured eyes and a body numbing terror immediately gripped upon their hearts!

    Under the Heavens, the lone possessor of such a pair of demonic violet eyes was just one man!

    "Dar..... Dark..... Emperor....." All strength immediately drained out of the man in green and he fell with a crash to sit unceremoniously upon the ground, his face filled with hopeless despair!

    Demonic violet eyes, black shadowy spirit power.....

    The devilishly enchanting man standing before them was actually the Dark Emperor of legend, the lone one man who unified the entire Middle Realm!

    How could this be possible!

    The man in green completely lost all will to resist, his heart only filled with fear and panic.

    While Elder Hui's face was a white sheet, without the slightest tinge of colour in it.

    Although he was an Elder in the Flame Demons Palace and possessed highly dominating power, but from the moment he saw that pair of demonic violet eyes, all of that suddenly held no more meaning.

    The Dark Emperor.....

    The Middle Realm's true Emperor!
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