Chapter 1295: “Settling the Score (5)”

    Chapter 1295: "Settling the Score (5)"

    The Dark Emperor's glorious fame had spread far and wide and was well known within the Middle Realm for a long time. Even though he had already passed on for many years and the Middle Realm's hierarchy of power had changed drastically, but not a single person, not anyone..... dared to deny the Dark Emperor's power, or dared to disparage the Dark Emperor in the slightest.

    Although the Dark Emperor had fallen, but the Night Regime still existed. Though the Night Regime did not involve themselves in any of the affairs in the Middle Realm, if something that was linked to the Dark Emperor came about, they would not let it go unheeded.

    Even if it was just a word that badmouthed the Dark Emperor, the culprit would be relentlessly persecuted by the Night Regime!

    The man in green and Elder Hui would not even in their dreams, truly expect to have the Dark Emperor who rocked the entire Middle Realm, who unified every single faction under him, to suddenly appear before them at that moment.

    [The Dark Emperor had not died! He was still alive!]

    "Dark Emperor please spare our lives! Please spare us! ! !" The man in green was shaking like a leaf in the wind, and he could not be bothered with the fact that his heart had leapt up right into his throat but had immediately fallen to his knees within a puddle of blood to kowtow in apology continuously before Jun Wu Yao.

    If it had been anybody else they had met, they might still have a chance of surviving.

    But if it was the Dark Emperor.....

    The scythe of Death, was already held right against their necks.

    The name of the Flame Demons Palace was of no use in that situation. So what if they were from the Twelve Palaces? It would not save their insignificant lives in any way!

    "Dark Emperor....." Elder Hui was similarly on his knees, unable to summon up any strength to resist at all. His eyes stared in terror, unable to believe everything that was happening to him.

    Jun Wu Yao's eyes narrowed to a slit as he stared at the two men who had lost their souls upon seeing him, and the smile upon his lips curled up further.

    "It seems that the two of you had taken extra good care of my Little Xie before."

    That voice was highly magnetic, like it was the voice of the gods, but when it reached their ears, to Elder Hui himself, it sounded like death's knell had tolled.

    "Dark Emperor have mercy, Dark Emperor please spare my life..... I will never do it again..... Never ever again....." The man in green was crying so hard he was howling like an injured dog, cowering upon the ground and not even daring to even lift his head. He was scared. He was truly terrified.

    No one could possibly be the Dark Emperor's match. He wasn't, and Elder Hui wasn't. Whoever offended the Dark Emperor would come to only one end.

    And that was the unchanging law that had stood almost forever in the Middle Realm!

    Ye Sha stared chillingly at the two men who had once driven him and Jun Wu Xie to those highly dire straits before. They were now worse than unwanted strays, kneeling and kowtowing before Jun Wu Yao, begging for their lives. That scene merely elicited a chilling smile from Ye Sha's lips as he remembered just how arrogant those two men had been, when they had almost forced the Young Miss to lose her life.

    But at that moment, when before Lord Jue, they were acting worse than abandoned dogs!

    Before absolute might, they were nothing but insects to be quashed.

    "No need to get so nervous. I will not kill both of you." Jun Wu Yao said with a smile, his devilish looking violet eyes smiling at them.

    The man in green raised his head shakingly, his tear streaked face looking highly wretched as he asked: "Rea..... Really....."

    Jun Wu Yao gave a light laugh. "To put it more accurately, I will not kill you so quickly."

    The eyes of the man in green suddenly bulged in horror, his frantic arms and legs suddenly scrambling in his last ditch attempt to escape this unbearable hell. But before he had even turned his body around, he was suddenly picked up and lifted into the air by an invisible force!

    "No! Do not kill me! I have realized my mistake..... I have really realized my mistake....." The man in green wailed with tears and mucus running down his face freely. If he had known that that little kid had links with the Dark Emperor, however much guts he could possibly possess, he wouldn't dare touch one hair upon the kid.

    However, his highly desperate pleas did not manage to convince Jun Wu Yao to show any mercy.

    Jun Wu Yao raised a hand and the man was lifted in the air by an invisible force. He then raised his other hand and a thread the colour of blood slowly extended out from the tip of his finger.
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