Chapter 1296: “Settling the Score (6)”

    Chapter 1296: "Settling the Score (6)"

    That blood red thread shot speedily to burrow into the chest of the man in green. The man in green struggled as his eyes flared wide and his body began to convulse!

    The skin's surface that was not covered by his clothes showed lines upon lines of the blood red thread beginning to cover over it, the threads glowing faintly red, looking like a dense spider web that tightly meshed up over his entire body.

    In an instant, the little finger on his right hand started to turn into a blob of blood, his bones and flesh slowly being melted, to turn into thick and sticky blood, dripping drop by drop onto the ground.

    "ARRRGH! ! !"

    The highly mournful wail tore out from the man throat. He could very clearly feel the excruciating pain of his flesh and bones slowly being rotted and melting away. The unimaginable pain almost pushed his mind into a faint, but he found that he was instead held clearly conscious against his will.

    Every single bit of that agony was being clearly pulsed through his nerves throughout his entire body!

    "Blood Fiend..... Blood Fiend....." Elder Hui stared as the man in green's finger rotted away into blood and his own body involuntarily began to shiver.

    Blood Fiend.....

    A unique ability only the Dark Emperor possessed, which could instantly turn anyone into a pool of blood. But he could control and manipulate the speed of the rot, making the person feel every single moment of the agonizing torment of having his body slowly rot away bit by bit, while fear and terror wrecked at the person's mind.

    That was a torment that no one was able to endure.

    There was a legend that told of a man at the pinnacle of power in the Middle Realm. When the Dark Emperor unified the Middle Realm, that man had vainly thought that he could challenge the authourity of the Dark Emperor and that man had then been "bestowed" with a taste of the Blood Fiend.

    Once the Blood Fiend infiltrated the body, one was doomed to a fate worse than death. That man was tortured from the entirety of three days and three nights, beginning from the tip of his fingers to spread continuously. First, it was the fingers, then came the palm, moving up the arm, shoulder and it spread downwards after that, from his chest to his legs. In the end, only his head was left and what made it all the more terrifying was till the end, even when the man had only a head left, he had still been alive.....

    The horror of the Blood Fiend greatly terrified the people of the Middle Realm and no one else dared anger the Dark Emperor from that moment on.

    They were all frightened, and terrorized.....

    But Elder Hui would not even in his dreams have thought, that he would one day experience the horrors of the Blood Fiend.

    All temperature seemed to leave his body in an instant, his ears filling with the incessant wails coming out from the man in green. It was such a heart rending scream that made his heart jump. Even before he had experienced that torment, he had already been scared witless.

    It was said that as the Blood Fiend was being carried out, the person afflicted with the Blood Fiend would be able to clearly feel every single bit of that excruciating pain as all his own internal organs were being slowly rotted away.

    Just thinking about it was making his scalp crawl.

    Elder Hui stared blankly at it and at that moment, he made a highly determined decision!

    He suddenly gathered all his spirit energy onto his palm and he brought his arm up to smash it down upon the crown of his head!

    He was sure to die, but he really did not dare to have a taste of the kind of agony the Blood Fiend would bring to him.

    But before his palm had even touched his head, his entire body was suddenly numbed but a sudden force. He felt as if someone was holding him, and he could not move himself a single inch.

    "Have I allowed you to die?" Jun Wu Yao's voice suddenly sounded, that voice so filled with mirth, was like his worst nightmare that reverberated within his ears.

    He wanted to beg, but he was unable to move his mouth. Hence, he could only used his eyes that were filled with terror to stare at Jun Wu Yao.

    "Enjoy the spectacle fully as he dies slowly, as it will your turn next." Jun Wu Yao said as the corners of his mouth curled with into a smile, like one from a bloodthirsty demon.
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