Chapter 1297: “Settling the Score (7)”

    Chapter 1297: "Settling the Score (7)"

    That devilish pair of violet eyes, were now not tinged with mirth, but the gaze from them was filled with sharp chilling murder.

    At that time, when Jun Wu Yao found Jun Wu Xie, he had not said anything, nor asked much about it. But that incident had not been erased from his memory at all.

    That was the time that he had very nearly lost her.

    That had made him feel panic, an emotion that he had never experienced before, and he had felt it very clearly then.

    He would not allow them to die so easily. Regardless whether it was for the the pain Jun Wu Xie had suffered, or the panic that he had felt, he wasn't about to let them die off so easily.

    Only by inflicting this torture upon them, would he be able to appease the sense of panic he had felt in his heart when he had almost lost Jun Wu Xie.

    The pitiful and mournful howls in Jun Wu Yao's ears, sounded as moving as a song sung in praise.

    The thick stench of blood that pervaded the air all around, almost seemed to have pulled him back to the past, to the bloody fields of merciless massacre!

    Elder Hui wanted to plead for death, but was unable to, but could only watch on wide eyed as the body of the man in green slowly rotted away under the Blood Fiend. The screaming howls coming out from the man in green were highly piercing to the ears, his throat almost broken by the incessant screams, but he was still unable to make it all end for him.

    The agony was like the bottomless abyss. The mind of the man in green was almost crumbling under that unbearable pain and torture, but the most terrifying aspect of the Blood Fiend was that made him, at all times throughout the ordeal, remain conscious with crystal clear clarity.

    Only by remaining conscious, would the torture be able play out to its extreme!

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei stood quietly behind Jun Wu Yao, a heated fervour filling their eyes.

    Having followed closely beside Jun Wu Yao for a long time, the two men could clearly feel just how intense the murder that Jun Wu Yao was feeling right at that moment. They had not felt such strong murder coming from their Lord for a long time which seemed to have brought them back to all those years when they had stood with Jun Wu Yao when they rained massacre everywhere they went.

    The blood that had cooled for a long time boiled in renewed fervour right at that moment.

    This was their Lord they had swore allegiance to, and the celestial entity that had created them!

    Within the Night Regime, there was no right or wrong, nor was there truth or lies.

    The Night Regime only knew to abide by Lord Jue's orders.

    All and any orders!

    From the beginning to the end, Jun Wu Yao's face exhibited that same devilish smile, like all of this was not merciless slaughter, not a bout of torture, but just an interesting game. The pitiful cries of the man in green, and the fear emanating from Elder Hui, were just playthings just to entertain him.


    Within the dense forest, the group who had remained in wait heard that highly tragic cries completely devoid of hope, the sounds sending chills to run through their bodies.

    And the suffocating stench of blood that wafted into the dense forest thereafter was so thick that it nauseated them.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao..... what did he do?" Qiao Chu gulped loudly and asked. Staring into the thick foliage of the forest in that direction, just hearing the sounds coming to his ears, and smelling the scent that wafted through the air, which chilled him right to the bones.

    "I would strongly suggest that you keep that curiosity away and it will do you good." Fan Zhou said as he drew in a deep breath, trying very hard to quell the thumping of his heart. He could feel a very strong and intense murder that was suffocating him, that was slowly spreading over the entire forest.

    If his guess was correct, that intense murder was coming from Jun Wu Yao.

    Murder that was so intense to feel, and from such a far distance away, already made him highly uneasy. If they went closer to it, he was afraid that all of them would not be able to withstand such an oppressive aura.

    Jun Wu Xie did not say a word. She merely sat on one side quietly, carrying the little black cat in her arms.

    This bout of slaughter, was a dance that he had choreographed for her.

    She would not go stop it, and neither did she want to stop it.

    Just as the group were deeply immersed within that terrifying atmosphere, Little Jue who had squatted silently on the side all this time, suddenly stood up without anyone noticing him, and opening his short legs in stride, he walked towards the direction of the Heaven's End Cliff.
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