Chapter 1298: “Settling the Score (8)”

    Chapter 1298: "Settling the Score (8)"

    Upon the top of the Heaven's End Cliff, the man in green could no longer make a noise. The larger part of his body had already been turned into a pool of blood and their was only his head still left. That blood smeared head hung suspended in the air, its nostrils flaring slightly.....

    He had not yet died, he was still alive.....

    At that moment he wished for nothing more than to be dead, where he would no longer have to suffer this seemingly endless torment.

    His body was being slowly rotted away, eaten away bit by bit, suffering an agony that was beyond anything that a human was able to endure.

    He would rather he had never lived, than to have to endure through such a terrifying nightmare.

    Jun Wu Yao watched on with a smile. If not for the fact that Jun Wu Xie and her companions were rushing to go down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, with his ability to control the speed of the Blood Fiend, he would be able to make him suffer a more torturous death.

    A month, or maybe a year.....

    Crush his bones and scatter his ashes, but it would not be enough to quell the hatred in his heart.

    Elder Hui who was made to witness the entire process had his heart now in shambles. After the man in green died, it would be his turn next.

    If possible, he would rather he be dead now, and even if he was to die under a thousand cuts, it would be a quicker death that the torture the Blood Fiend would inflict on him!

    Jun Wu Yao's gaze then slowly turned, to fall upon the figure of Elder Hui, and with a voice that sounded like the tolling of the death knell, he then said.

    "You're up."

    Elder Hui was suddenly lifted up to be suspended in midair. Under Jun Wu Yao's oppressive aura, he found himself unable to move at all, unable to even utter a muffled moan.

    Even as an Elder of the Flame Demons Palace, he was reduced to become a helpless trembling mess, his lips white with fear.

    Jun Wu Yao released the Blood Fiend once more, and right at the very instant that the Blood Fiend pierced into Elder Hui's Body!

    A fiery red figure suddenly pounced onto him!

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei were surprised and were immediately about to move when Jun Wu Yao suddenly raised a hand to stop them.

    Upon Elder Hui's body, a tiny figure had latched on tightly right in front of his chest!

    Upon that pair of tiny fair skinned hands, sharp nails had suddenly grown out of them, which had pierced right through Elder Hui's chest!

    Copious amounts of blood flowed out from the gaping wound which stained the little figure upon his chest red.

    It was a child, with a highly innocent and guileless face, but for that pair of deep scarlet eyes and his head of fiery red hair!

    "It's Little Jue." Ye Mei quickly recognized that little figure and his face filled up with an expression of surprise.

    The corners of Jun Wu Yao's lips lifted as he looked at Little Jue.

    At that moment, Little Jue's eyes were devoid of that bumbling ignorance they usually exhibited but were filled with a pure bestial urge to kill. His irises had turned to vertical slits, like the eyes of a snake and the adorable little fangs in his mouth had now grown longer, razor sharp.

    He stared at the pale faced Elder Hui and opened his mouth, to clamp those fangs down upon Elder Hui's chest!

    In the next instant, a chunk of flesh was mercilessly ripped out from Elder Hui's chest!

    On that large gaping wound, with more flesh ripped away from it, blood flowed out and his ribs within that chest became clearly visible! Under those ribs, a wildly beating heart could be seen!

    "Lord Jue....." Ye Sha immediately spoke upon seeing that.

    Jun Wu Yao however folded his arms across his chest to stare calm and unruffled at Little Jue who was filled with murderous rage.

    "Looks like I am not the only one who wants to avenge Little Xie afterall."
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