Chapter 1299: “Settling the Score (9)”

    Chapter 1299: "Settling the Score (9)"

    Crunch crunch.....

    The sound of teeth crunching through bones floated through the air atop the Heaven's End Cliff as Little Jue bit through Elder Hui's exposed ribs.

    Elder Hui could not make a sound, but the pain shot through every single nerve in his body distinctly, the agony turning his face pale as a sheet, his eyes immediately red and bloodshot.

    The ribs were bitten through one by one under the crushing force of those teeth and the heart that just lost his last line of defence lay widely exposed to the air.


    Little Jue's little hand grasped the still beating heart within his palm and with his claw like nails sharp as blades, he tugged at it violently!

    The nails cut through all the arteries joined to the bright red heart as it continued to pulsate, suddenly digging it out from the chest!

    Upon Elder Hui's chest, was a large gaping hole, blood gushing out of it endlessly to flow down the length of his body, as it all finally dripped off his down pointed toes onto the ground.

    Little Jue's tiny figure then nimbly flipped backwards to land agilely on his feet, Elder Hui's heart clasped within his hand as he stared at it with a bestial gaze, eager for a kill.

    Upon that clear little face, splatters of blood smeared upon its surface, lending to that innocent and childlike face, a look of a ravenous and ferocious beast.

    He did not even give Elder Hui another look but just carried the heart within both of his hands to walk towards the dense foliage of the forest.

    "Lord Jue, should I follow him?" Ye Sha asked in a solemn voice as he carefully observed Little Jue's actions.

    Jun Wu Yao however shook his head and said: "Leave him be. Anyway....." His gaze then fell back onto the blood soaked body of Elder Hui. "This man will not be dying yet for quite a while more."

    With his heart mercilessly ripped out, Elder Hui was miraculously still breathing, but the torment from the Blood Fiend still wrecked at him. As long as Jun Wu Yao wished it, he would not die, but neither would he be able to live!

    Jun Wu Xie and her companions were still waiting within the forest and although Qiao Chu was highly curious about what Jun Wu Yao had done, his sensibilities was however telling him, that curiosity killed the cat and things will not turn out well if he persisted in that. He then sat himself down in resignation and lit a fire as the companions gathered around, to rearrange the things they would be using to climb down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    Jun Wu Xie then started to distribute the elixirs she kept with her Cosmos Sack to her companions. Before she set forth on the journey, she had cultivated several types of elixirs based on all the different situations she had seen of the Heaven's End Cliff from before.

    "Little Big Brother....."

    Suddenly, Little Jue's voice sounded from behind Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie turned her head around and immediately froze.

    The tiny and innocent little fella, was just standing behind her unmoving. But upon his body, face, and hands, they were all completely stained with bright garish red blood. Upon that face filled with bloodstains, was a innocent and brilliant smile. He just stood there, his hands clasped around a still fresh and bright red heart, his eyes filled with anticipation as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie looked at Little Jue in surprise, staring at the little figure all covered in blood, a complete contrast to the image of the timid and bumbling little Emperor that was still fresh in her mind, but that smile upon that face was just as familiar as she remembered.

    Jun Wu Xie was frozen, while Qiao Chu and the others were equally stunned when they saw the state Little Jue was in.

    Who would have thought that the little one who had always run away crying with just a glare from Fei Yan would suddenly appear before them looking like that.

    The blood on him was still wet and the sticky liquid was dripping down through the gaps in his fingers onto the ground.

    In that moment of quiet, the sound became extraordinarily clear within their ears.

    Feeling like the sound of every drip drummed right upon their hearts.

    "Little Big Brother, a..... gift for you" Little Jue said with those innocent eyes wide and sparkling, the hands holding the gory heart raising a little as he struggled to bring it before Jun Wu Xie's eyes as the corners of his mouth broke into a guileless smile. But that display of innocence, was soaked in bright garish blood.
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