Chapter 1300: “Pure and Innocent Heart (1)”

    Chapter 1300: "Pure and Innocent Heart (1)"

    Jun Wu Xie had never once felt that the sight of blood could be so garish to her as she stared at the smiling Little Jue and her brows creased up together.

    "This....." Qiao Chu and the rest of the gang suddenly did not know what to say as the sight of Little Jue all covered in blood was nothing like the image of the timid and innocent little fella who was just a glutton in their minds.

    Jun Wu Xie walked up to him in silence as he looked at Little Jue whose face was full of anticipation. She used her own sleeve to wipe off the blood from that little face as Little Jue blinked blankly at her, his incomplete soul causing him to be unable to understand why Jun Wu Xie was reacting so strangely at that moment.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to wipe away the blood carefully and took the heart that had gone cold from the little boy's hands to throw it onto the ground.

    A worried look came onto Little Jue's face but Jun Wu Xie still did not say a word as she went on to wipe at his tiny hands.

    "Go change out of your clothes." Jun Wu Xie said coldly.

    Little Jue shrunk his head into his shoulders and did not dare say anything against that but just looked at Jun Wu Xie with a tinge of aggrievement in his eyes before slowly climbing up into the horse carriage to change out of his blood soaked clothes.

    It was only after Little Jue went into the horse carriage that Qiao Chu and the others opened their mouths to speak.

    "Little Xie, Little Jue is..... still very young, so maybe you shouldn't be too harsh on him." Qiao Chu said a tad cautiously. Having stuck around around Jun Wu Xie for quite a period, he had been able to get a good idea of Jun Wu Xie's likes and dislikes.

    He could sense that Jun Wu Xie was in a rather bad mood at that moment as her eyes had turned slightly more cold than usual.

    "Cough..... I think he must have gone to seek vengeance for you? He must have heard everything that we were talking about earlier." Fei Yan chipped in hurriedly, in an attempt to plead on Little Jue's behalf. They had not noticed Little Jue's unusual actions earlier as the kid was completely different from any other kid and the amount of words he knew that was his entire vocabulary could be counted with the number of fingers they had. Who would have thought that the little fella who had not regained back all his awareness would suddenly go out and commit such a garishly bloody deed?

    The several youths there were all not that dumb and they had quickly linked Little Jue's actions to what they had talked about earlier to realise the reason behind it.

    And they strongly sympathised with the little boy in their hearts.

    Jun Wu Xie was silent for a moment before she opened her mouth to say softly.

    "I brought him here, not for him do such things."

    She still remembered when she had seen the Little Emperor for the first time. He had been so lovably timid and the slightest shock would reduce him into a trembling mass. But now, that Little Jue who had come in washed in blood was completely different from the little Emperor she remembered as his nature at its core had never liked such gore and she did not want the kid's hands to be stained with blood.

    He would only need to continue to live his life in innocence and after his soul was healed, he would then be able to be the comfortable and easy Emperor he was, without having to face the bloody gore and deceit, without having to taint his hands at all.

    The little Emperor was the most pure and innocent child Jun Wu Xie had ever met before who had though been born into an Imperial Family, still maintained such a guileless character.

    A pure and innocent heart was most rare and Jun Wu Xie did not want to taint the little Emperor's base personality.

    "People created under the Scarlet Blood, would all be filled with an innate urge for slaughter. Little Jue is usually highly obedient and adorable and today's incident must have been because the matter was linked to you which had then aroused the effects of the Scarlet Blood within him. Don't take it to heart. Wait till he recovers and all this might just fade away completely." Rong Ruo said with a sigh, as she could roughly understand how Jun Wu Xie was feeling at that moment.

    Jun Wu Xie and the little Emperor were not related in anyway but she had gone all out to help the little boy just because a pure and innocent was just too rare and precious.
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