Chapter 1301: “Pure and Innocent Heart (2)”

    Chapter 1301: "Pure and Innocent Heart (2)"

    Even Jun Wu Xie herself was not able to explain why she was reacting so strongly when faced with the blood covered Little Jue. She had already accepted as the norm that this world went by the rule where the strong feasts on the weak and she herself had played by the same rule all this while.

    The victors succeed while the defeated submit, since time immemorial, only the truly powerful would have the last laugh.

    The weak had always turned out to be sacrificed throughout history.

    Although she knew that line of reasoning only too well, she still found that the image of a blood smeared Little Jue was to glaringly garish to her eyes.

    That child, should have lived a life free from worries.

    Because he was such a rare find, it made people treasure him all the more.

    But now, a huge question remained within Jun Wu Xie's heart.

    Was the current Little Jue, still the same little Emperor that she had known from the start?

    A child as gentle as that, would really go on a rampage of slaughter under the effects of the Scarlet Blood?

    Jun Wu Xie could not be certain that the current Little Jue had lost all his previous memories, although his actions and speech now were highly limited to only in their simplest terms, and he was not able to comprehend any words that were too complicated, basing his actions mostly by instinct.

    But had that instinct come from the little Emperor's own consciousness, or from the Soul Calming Jade?

    Jun Wu Xie was seeking to save the soul of that little one who melted people's hearts, and not a spirit that was created out of thin air.

    When Jun Wu Xie did not say anything, Fan Zhuo and the others did not deem it appropriate for them to say anything more and they all just sat there quietly.

    Inside the horse carriage, Little Jue slipped himself out of his blood soaked clothes to change into a fresh set but he did not immediately get out of the car. He curled himself up as he hugged his knees and hid himself in a corner of the carriage's interior, his eyes looking highly aggrieved and filled with unease.

    Although he did not understand a lot of things, but he could still feel it.

    [Little Big Brother is unhappy.]

    Little Jue did not dare to go outside, did not dare to look in Jun Wu Xie's eyes. He was afraid, but did not know what he was afraid of, his tears falling soundlessly out from his large eyes, rolling down unnoticed by anyone else over his cheeks, to finally drip into his clothes' collar.

    It was quiet within the forest, and not a single person spoke.

    After a while, Jun Wu Yao came back with Ye Sha and Ye Mei behind him. There wasn't the slightest trace of blood upon the three of them but the thick stench still hanging heavily in the air made all of them realize distinctly what they had gone out to do.

    "I must have kept all of you waiting." Jun Wu Yao said stopping three steps away from Jun Wu Xie. He wanted to envelop Jun Wu Xie into his arms and give her a good cuddle but he remembered that his little one would not like the stench of blood still lingering upon his clothes.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at Jun Wu Yao and nodded slightly. The expression on that small little face was the same as it looked usually but Jun Wu Yao had still detected that something was off.

    Jun Wu Yao's gaze then swept over the heart that had been discarded upon the grass and quickly spotted the set on tiny footprints left behind on the grass. The corners of his mouth then curled up involuntarily in a smile.

    "What's wrong? That little fella did something to upset you?"

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head, but after a moment she said: "His intentions were good, but I do not wish it to be like this."

    Jun Wu Yao then laughed lightly and said: "You do not wish for the little one's hands to be tainted and stained full of blood right?"

    Jun Wu Xie nodded.

    "Little Xie, you are really too interesting..... What are you worried about? Worried that the little one is no longer the little Emperor you once knew? Worried that this penchant for slaughter had come from a completely unfamiliar soul?" Jun Wu Yao's voice was filled with mirth, but he had correctly guessed all of Jun Wu Xie's thoughts in her mind at that moment.
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