Chapter 1305: “Move out (1)”

    Chapter 1305: "Move out (1)"

    Early the next morning, the youths came down from the horse carriages looking highly refreshed. Jun Wu Xie had been standing outside in wait for a long while and standing beside her was Little Jue who had a wide smile on his face, never more than a step away from her. Although he was holding a bag filled with jade stones that he was munching happily away from, his pair of eyes had nevertheless never left deviated from the figure of Jun Wu Xie.

    "Sigh..... I am suddenly feeling this pain in my heart. Little Jue had been sleeping by my side throughout this entire journey and he is now not even willing to look at me at all." Fan Zhuo said as he clutched at his chest dramatically, his eyes looking at a certain little fella whose gaze was fixed upon someone else.

    "Be thankful enough that he had at least not woken up in the middle of the night to say to you "yit" big brother." Fei Yan said with a gloating look upon his face. For some unknown reason, Little Jue had among all the companions, with the exception of Jun Wu Xie, shown the greatest interest towards Rong Ruo. But that was a kind of interest that Fei Yan did not find amusing in the least.

    He really didn't want to see his "future bride" ending up eaten up by that little monster.

    If she was to be "eaten" up, he would rather be the one doing the "eating"! [Translator's Note: not talking about being physically eaten here. No cannibalism. Slight sexual intonation here.]

    "After hearing you say that, I am suddenly feeling much better about it." Fan Zhuo said with a laugh. Compared to having Little Jue say "yit big brother" to him, he suddenly found that being ignored and disregarded was not that unacceptable.

    Fei Yan then literally rolled his eyes at Fan Zhuo.

    When Jun Wu Yao came down from the carriage, Ye Sha and Ye Mei had already carried Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit outside. It had only been one night but the two ignorant little beasts looked as if they had undergone great torment and had been badly ravaged, both looking highly dispirited with their eyes tired and haggard.

    In contrast, the little black cat upon Jun Wu Xie's back was looking full of vigor.

    Upon seeing Jun Wu Yao, Little Jue who was standing just beside Jun Wu Xie subconsciously took a few steps back, putting some distance between him and Jun Wu Xie, but with his gaze still fixed upon her.

    "You had a good rest?" There was no one else in Jun Wu Yao's eyes as he walked straight to Jun Wu Xie, staring at that pristinely clear little face, which he seemingly could not get enough of seeing.

    On this trip in search of the Dark Emperor's tomb, Jun Wu Xie had shed her disguise and remained in her original appearance.

    Throughout the past year, Jun Wu Xie had almost always appeared as that delicate little youth and it was rare to see that flawlessly beautiful countenance, which made even Jun Wu Yao's heartbeat quicken a little.

    In that one year, the little beauty had bloomed to become absolutely enchanting, where even a field of flowers before her, would seem dull and colourless.

    "Mm." Jun Wu Xie replied softly. She had not thought that she would fall asleep like that.

    "Is everything all prepared?" She opened her mouth to ask.

    Jun Wu Yao nodded.

    "We can move out in just a while."

    This time, they had the complete set of maps and they were no longer blind and helpless in their search for the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    After making a few final adjustments, Jun Wu Xie and her group decided to set forth.

    They secured several long ropes which had been specially treated on the top of the Heaven's End Cliff and then threw the other end over the Heaven's End Cliff. After Qiao Chu and the others made a final check on all their equipment and ascertained that their preparations were all complete, they all stood at the very edge of the Heaven's End Cliff and stared down the sheer drop at the impenetrable white mist covering the bottom of the cliff, with steely determination in their eyes.

    "Let's go!" Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    All of them immediately gripped onto their ropes, to begin their descent to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff!

    But when Jun Wu Xie was just about to move herself downwards as she held on to her rope, she was suddenly carried up horizontally by a pair of strong and muscular arms!

    Jun Wu Xie looked up in surprise at the face of Jun Wu Yao who held her within his arms.
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