Chapter 1306: “Move out (2)”

    Chapter 1306: "Move out (2)"

    Jun Wu Yao arched up an eyebrow and looked at Jun Wu Xie's flummoxed expression and said with a laugh.

    "For this part of the journey, just let me bring you down."

    "What?" Jun Wu Xie was still rather shocked.

    Jun Wu Yao carried the slightly puzzled Jun Wu Xie and slowly walked over the edge of the Heaven's End Cliff, his feet stepping upon gusts of air, his body however still extraordinarily stable.

    "Isn't this way much more convenient?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he looked smilingly at Jun Wu Xie, the sheer drop of the seemingly bottomless Heaven's End Cliff under him no different from firm ground as he stood suspended in the air, as he brought them down in a slow and gradual descent.

    Qiao Chu was feeling highly excited and was raring to go as he gripped his rope tightly to descend slowly bit by bit. Having had prior experience, they all knew that they need not move too fast in the beginning. Only when they got to the most difficult part of the descent should they summon the powers they had conserved the entire way was the safest option here.

    "Brother Hua, don't you think my technique has improved tremendously?" Qiao Chu asked cockily as he climbed down the cliff's face, bragging about the progress he was making.

    However, Qiao Chu did not see the slightest reaction upon Hua Yao's face. He did not even give Qiao Chu a single glance at all, but was staring at a spot behind Qiao Chu, his eyes filled with a trace of shock.

    Qiao Chu found Hua Yao's reaction rather strange and he did not look like he was complimenting him at all, so he turned to look in the direction that Hua Yao was staring at.

    That one look made Qiao Chu almost lose his grip to fall off his rope!

    He had known all the others were struggling against the ropes to nudge themselves downwards in descent together with him.

    But he was seeing Jun Wu Yao carrying Jun Wu Xie in his arms, gracefully suspended in midair, matching them at the snail's pace they were moving at in descent.....

    Qiao Chu's eyes immediately bulged widely.

    He knew Jun Wu Yao possessed the power to walk on air but never would he have thought that Jun Wu Yao would be able to use that ability even at a place like the Heaven's End Cliff!

    If Jun Wu Yao had brought Jun Wu Xie to speed down to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, Qiao Chu might still find it somewhat reasonable. But..... Jun Wu Yao was descending at such a slow pace which was obvious it was because of them.

    At this speed, reaching the bottom of the cliff would not be a matter of merely taking just a day or so.

    Just how powerful was Big Brother Wu Yao that he could actually remain in that state for such a long period of time?

    And that was with carrying Jun Wu Xie in his arms.....

    At that moment, Qiao Chu could no longer find the words to describe the surge of emotions that raged within his heart!

    [Is Big Brother Wu Yao even human at all?]

    [That's just insanely inhuman!]

    That words began to incessantly reverberate within Qiao Chu mind at that moment.

    Compared to Jun Wu Xie's "personal mode of transport", Qiao Chu was feeling so ashamed of just how weak he was. The few of them might have had some prior experience and they were better prepared this time around, but nothing could compare to the godly powers that Jun Wu Yao possessed.

    Qiao Chu silently averted his gaze away, and turned to Hua Yao to say: "Brother Hua, do you think if my strength falters, would Big Brother Wu Yao agree to give me a ride as well?"

    That was when Hua Yao finally turned his eyes to look at Qiao Chu and he said in a calm and composed voice: "Just jump off yourself and you might stand a chance."

    "....." Qiao Chu was stumped.

    [Although that was the absolute truth, but..... couldn't Brother Hua put it across less succinctly! ?]

    Hence, while everyone else was struggling arduously, Jun Wu Xie was safely held within Jun Wu Yao's arms, enjoying her special privilege.

    Towards that point, everyone chose to disregard them.

    [It was just too painful to watch!]

    Do they have to prick at their pride like this! ? They would rather that Jun Wu Yao would just bring Jun Wu Xie down first!

    Please don't further hurt the feelings of the bunch of youths who had nobody to indulge them in such a manner!


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