Chapter 1307: “Walking into Danger Once More (1)”

    Chapter 1307: "Walking into Danger Once More (1)"

    With experience from before, the group found it much easier climbing down the Heaven's End Cliff this time. Jun Wu Xie had prepared quite a stash of recovery elixirs and although its effects did not last them long under those harsh conditions, she had cultivated a large amount of them. The companions ingested those elixirs as they went down and managed to retain much of their spirit energy. Added to them having over the recent period, Qiao Chu and the others had made huge gains in their spirit powers, and were all getting close to the threshold of the indigo spirit. It won't be long before they would all be able to breakthrough to the indigo spirit. Hence, they time they were able to hold out for grew much longer than before.

    When all of them reached the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, they were all still in rather good condition but they were not in a rush to immediately move themselves forward. Instead, they set up a simple tent along the cliff's face and gave themselves some rest, knowing right after that, it would be for a long period that they would not have the opportunity to rest at all. Hence, they were grabbing at every moment they had now to readjust, trying their best to maintain themselves in peak condition.

    The clothes they were wearing upon their bodies, were ones that Jun Wu Xie had got people to specially make back in the Qi Kingdom. The air at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff was bitterly chill and highly humid. To want to move around in there for extended periods of time, they needed to take proper protective measures or their spirit powers would be quickly depleted. Those clothes had been designed by Jun Wu Xie where she had based them on the uniforms of the vanguard forces in the twenty fourth century, but in this world, they did not have the exact same materials that could repel water just as effectively, so Jun Wu Xie had asked the tailors to coat the clothes with a layer of specially made water resistant chemicals. Those chemicals would within a limited period of time, be able to preserve the enhanced density of the clothes' material where even if they were at the bottom of the cliff and enveloped within the misty fog, they would at least not have to worry about having their clothes soaked from the high humidity.

    Jun Wu Xie then took out the Spirit Fire Globes she had prepared before to light up the place where visibility was extremely low.

    Having their clothes remain dry, Qiao Chu and the others were able to conserve a significant amount of their spirit powers they would have had needed to use to maintain their body temperature. Although they wore many layers inside and outside altogether, with the companions' respectable heights and proportionate bodies, the youths still did not look bloated with their clothes which also did not impede their movements in the slightest.

    The glaciers under their feet had sealed countless bodies of the people who had come here in search of the Dark Emperor's tomb in cold hard ice. Jun Wu Xie also noticed in the areas that more ice glaciers were building up, there were more bodies that were only half buried within the ice. Those bodies were not present the last time they had been here and judging from the time that had passed with the amount of ice accumulated, these people must have come here to the Heaven's End Cliff only after they had left the last time.

    It just showed that the Twelve Palaces still had not given up on their search of the Dark Emperor's tomb and these departed spirits would continue to increase as the days passed.

    "Heh heh..... Say, after we find the Dark Emperor's tomb and we take all of the Dark Emperor's treasures to become ours, when the Twelve Palaces find out, wouldn't they just go mad in anger?" Qiao Chu asked as he stared at the piles of bones growing in number upon the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, his face twisting up in an evil smirk.

    How much effort had the Twelve Palaces spent? And how many men have they sacrificed? But they had still not even managed to get a glimpse of the door of the Dark Emperor's tomb! But he and his companions already had a clear target coming here. It won't be long before the treasures that everyone in the Middle Realm coveted and lusted after would be in their hands! That feeling just made the blood of the several youths there bubble in excitement!

    "Whether they will go mad with anger, I really wouldn't know. But doing anything and everything within their power to persecute us will surely be a fate we cannot escape from." Fei Yan said with a shrug. Seeing that they were still able discuss about things besides what they were currently facing, it showed that they were still feeling rather alright.

    "Come at me if they can! This little lord here isn't afraid!" Qiao Chu said cockily.

    Jun Wu Xie did not partake in their conversation but had just sat within the tent while holding something that looked like a compass within her hand.
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