Chapter 1308: “Walking into Danger Once More (2)”

    Chapter 1308: "Walking into Danger Once More (2)"

    It was called a Destiny Dish. In theory, it was similar to the compass in Jun Wu Xie's past life, where when one is lost, it could be used to differentiate one's bearings. It was not something rare and Jun Wu Xie had brought one as well the last time. But as they did not have a specific target before, they had not relied upon it much and only used it a few times when finding their way forward.

    But now, things were completely different.

    The complete eight maps when pieced together showed the location of the Dark Emperor and the entire terrain at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff that lay hidden beneath the misty fog and all its details was portrayed and clearly depicted within Jun Wu Xie's mind. With the direction locked upon the Destiny Dish, they were able to determine their current location upon the map and map out what they would expect to encounter in their way forward.

    Accordingly to what was shown on the map, the deepest that Jun Wu Xie and the companions had reached the last time, was not even a tenth of the journey they were to make and that experience had already made all of them complain on how treacherous it had been.

    Just a tenth of the way into the journey and it had already been so difficult. For the areas that they would need to traverse after that if they did not have the map, not to mention the time they would have needed, just the numerous obstacles involved would be more than enough to claim all their lives.

    From what they could see from the maps, the closer they got to the Dark Emperor's tomb, the more dangerous the surroundings would be. All that they had seen in the last trip, were just mere child's play compared to this.

    "It is marked out upon the map here the range that monster is able to move. We will only need to avoid that area when we get there." Fan Zhuo pointed out on an area shown upon the map. They already knew from personal experience just how terrifying that monster who spewed out green flames was.

    That thing had almost claimed Jun Wu Xie's life and if Lord Meh Meh had not used its own body to shield her, Jun Wu Xie might already have died down here then.

    Jun Wu Xie glanced at the spot on the map that Fan Zhuo had pointed out and nodded her head expressionlessly.

    The area that the monster was at, was marked out upon the map with a red skull, and skulls that looked the same as that, numbered in tens of them upon the map. It was clear to see that things just as fearsome as that monster, was not a rarity down here. They had only encountered just one of them then, and it had already gotten some among them severely injured. With the map in their hands now, they knew they must avoid all those areas.

    "The Dark Regions really do not hold themselves back. These monsters were put here just to guard the Dark Emperor's tomb and they had stuffed so many of them down here. I am guessing if any of these fellas were placed in the hands of anyone in the Middle Realm, gaining dominance over an area would definitely not be a problem at all." Qiao Chu reasoned as he rubbed his chin. Although that monster had almost killed him, but he still had to admit that those fellas were just too savage!

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei sat on one side, silently turning their eyes to look upon Jun Wu Yao.

    [Those monsters that Qiao Chu and the others were talking about.....]

    [Were in reality just pets that Jun Wu Yao had gotten for himself when he was bored and had nothing to do.....]

    But the term "pet" only applied to Jun Wu Yao alone. Before any other person, those colossal beasts were just a person's worst nightmare.

    A lazy smile graced Jun Wu Yao's face as he sat slightly turned to the side, leaning against Jun Wu Xie's back, just watching the side profile of Jun Wu Xie's face without a word.

    From the moment that he had come to the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, he had immediately realized that this place was indeed created by the hand of the Dark Regions, where a large part of the things in here, were things that he had mentioned to the people in the Night Regime in the times when he had been bored.

    Including the fact that his "adorable pets" had taken on the role of watchdogs.

    But he had not thought that he would have the chance to come "check and verify" the defenses put up for his very own tomb.
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