Chapter 1309: “Walking into Danger Once More (3)”

    Chapter 1309: "Walking into Danger Once More (3)"

    An opportunity like this, where one came to dig into one's own "grave", was not something that an average person would have experienced. At least in Ye Sha and Ye Mei's hearts, they were unable to guess just what was going through Jun Wu Yao's mind. Throughout the journey here, they had not seen Jun Wu Yao show the slightest displeasure against it and his face had instead been all smiles the entire way.

    The two of them could only choose to be silent.


    [As long as the Young Miss wants it, there is nothing that Lord Jue will not give her.....]

    After resting up a little, the companions had their conditions recovered to its peak and they stepped forth upon the final path towards the Dark Emperor's tomb!

    The paths they had taken before, had this time become much easier for them to traverse. Having pinpointed their current location upon the map, they only needed to ensure that they do not stray from the direction plotted out and they would arrive at the final destination.

    With the guidance provided by the map, it enabled Jun Wu Xie and her companions to avoid most of the dangers. Throughout the journey, the poisonous fog hung heavily around them and the biting chill seeped into their bones. They swallowed the toxin neutralizing elixirs and only used a small amount of their spirit powers to maintain the temperature in their bodies. It being their second time here, everything seemed to have become quite a bit easier.

    But this ease afforded to them now, had only been possible with the countless lives that had been sacrificed in exchange. Mountainous piles of accumulated dead bodies had formed for every part depicted on that map, every marked symbol upon it.

    That was the complete map that Jun Wu Xie held in her hand, fully drenched with blood.

    Once they set forth, they could not stop for days. They wasn't a single opportunity for them to rest and they had no choice but to hold themselves up through the use of their spirit powers.

    Even with the map in hand, they could not afford to let down their guard.

    Having detoured around to avoid the deadly monster and after crossing through the treacherous muddy swamp, Jun Wu Xie and her companions finally came to a place they had not stepped onto before.

    In that place, the temperature suddenly fell another few degrees, and the Spirit Fire Globes with their hands lit up the darkness.

    However, starry specks of light shone through the fog, faint and not glaring to the eyes, visible through the mystifying fog, seemingly flickering incessantly.

    "Why..... would there be light in this place?" Qiao Chu was surprised. That scattering of twinkling lights, were clear and vivid, but within the endless swathe of the dark swirling fog, he found it hard to believe that light would suddenly appear within it.

    Qiao Chu had wanted to take a probing step forward to catch that strange light, but Hua Yao quickly dragged him back in an instant.

    "That is not light." Jun Wu Xie said as she lifted her head slightly, staring at the numerous tiny starlike lights hidden within the mystifying fog. Her eyes narrowed slightly and she took out a Spirit Fire Globe that was the size of a goose's egg from her Cosmos Sack. After imbuing into it a large amount of spirit energy, she then threw it out with all her might.

    The large Spirit Fire Globe with its brilliant flame arced through the mystifying fog, instantly lighting up the area directly in front of them.

    It was a pristine glacial lake that was crystal clear, razor sharp icicles sticking out upon its surface, sinister like the oversized fangs of a monster that filled the entire area. The goose egg sized Spirit Fire Globe rolled between the humongous icicles, where a sweet sounding tinkle could be heard every time it struck them.

    The icicles were like mirrors, reflecting the light from the Spirit Fire Globe endlessly, throwing the light over each other, where it lit up an impossibly huge area before their eyes.....

    Huge towering pillars of icicles stood erect before the eyes of Jun Wu Xie and the companions. Within the layers of the ice blue glacier, they could faintly see the white of bones that had been covered over by the thick ice, the snow white human bones scattered everywhere within the ice, looking like a strange pattern at first glance, giving the place an ephemeral kind of tranquil beauty.
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