Chapter 1310: “Walking into Danger Once More (4)”

    Chapter 1310: "Walking into Danger Once More (4)"

    Within the ice blue icicles, traces of red blood could even be seen.

    Those traces were left behind by the explorers as near the foot every red tinged icicle a pile of white bones frozen under the ice could be seen. Those strange scenes were like red flowers that bloomed under the layers of ice, the blood red icicles looking like the stamen, a sinister looking flower filament.

    The icicles were densely packed together, the gap between each other only able to accommodate one foot. The sharp pointed icicles were like blades and the slightest misstep would pierce through flesh.

    Compared to the places that Jun Wu Xie and her companions had passed through, this place was coldly beautiful, but it was a beauty that made them feel highly uneasy.

    "Something's not right." Jun Wu Xie said with her eyes narrowed.

    "What's wrong? From what I can see, this place isn't really that hard to walk through but for the countless icicles. We'll just have to be careful when we walk that's all." Qiao Chu said as he scratched his head.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head as she stared at the piles of bones below the red tinged ice.

    Under almost every scarlet icicle, there would be piles of bones below. For the few exceptions where there were no bones, another set of bones would be present just a few steps away from it. The short distance between those instances made Jun Wu Xie feel that something was wrong with the place.

    As Qiao Chu had said, the icicles were not that big of an obstacle and even if they got scratched, it would just give them a superficial wound. The whole swathe of icicles before them when compared to the area they had passed before this, looked to be much easier to pass and did not seem to pose as much of a deterrent for trespassers.

    Jun Wu Xie did not believe that the people from the Dark Regions would place a sea of meaningless icicles here within the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    "There is something wrong with these icicles." Jun Wu Xie took a step forward and pulled out a silver needle to pierce it into the icicle nearest to her.

    The silver needle was pushed into the ice and the portion of the needle that was inside immediately turned a dark black!

    Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed and announced in a cold voice: "There's poison within the ice."

    "Poi..... Poison?" Qiao Chu's eyes widened. It was hard to believe that within the seemingly crystal clear ice, they would really hide such deadly poison.

    Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes up to look at the sea of icicles and said in a rather chilling tone: "The fog around us here already contains a large amount of poison and with the high humidity within the fog, it will cover themselves over these icicles who would continuously congeal and freeze. The toxins within the vapour will attach themselves upon the layers of ice formed and anyone who gets scratched by these icicles would be poisoned, and its effects would be immediate."

    The icicles looked highly harmless and people would carelessly disregard them easily. Especially when these people had already been suffering from exhaustion and anxiety for extended periods, many would let down their guard somewhat. For those people who manage to come all the way in here, most would have been feeling unsettled for long periods and highly strung, so they wouldn't really think too deep into the hidden dangers within these icicles, and just proceed boldly.

    Passing through the icicles packed so closely together, people would easily get themselves scratched by them. With how pointed and sharp the icicles were, even if one was fully covered up, they would easily pierce through clothing to scratch their skin.

    It would only need the slightest contact with one's blood, and the poison hidden upon those icicles would claim a person's life.

    Jun Wu Xie's words made Qiao Chu gasp in horror. Like those people who laid in piles within the ice, he had never thought that death would be hidden behind such fine details.

    "Is there any other way we can go around? With the icicles so gathered so densely together, it will be hard to ensure that we do not get scratched by them." Hua Yao said as his brows furrowed up. The Spirit Fire Globe that Jun Wu Xie threw, had rolled quite far away, and shrouded by the swirling mist, the light was dimming around them.
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