Chapter 1311: “Walking into Danger Once More (5)”

    Chapter 1311: "Walking into Danger Once More (5)"

    Where the Spirit Fire Globe finally disappeared, it was an area still filled with dense clusters of icicles. Just how large was the place, none of them knew and if they would be able to pass through that area within a relatively short period of time it wouldn't be that bad, but if it turned out to be an overwhelmingly long stretch, the time they would need to get through it would be exponentially increased in folds.

    Afterall, the spaces in between the icicles were tiny and they would need to watch carefully before they took every single step, which would greatly drag out the speed they would be able to progress.

    When the period of time is dragged out, the high anxiety and nerves would bring about exhaustion and fatigue and if they lost their concentration even for a moment, they might very well fall prey to the icicles.

    And Jun Wu Xie had already said it. The effects would hit them very fast and even with Jun Wu Xie with them, under such harsh and unfriendly conditions, for her to dispel the poison from them quickly would also pose some difficulty.

    Whichever way they looked at it, it was a highly risky gamble.

    However, Jun Wu Xie then shook her head.

    "Upon the map, this area is depicted by two white lines throughout and it should mean that it covers the entire expanse and there is no other way forward."

    At that moment, everyone fell into dark silence.

    Jun Wu Yao stood at the side and looked at Jun Wu Xie as she fell deep in thought, a smile at the corners of his lips.

    [Should he do something? Or wait for a while longer?]

    [Would the mind of his little one be able to come up with a way to overcome this obstacle?]

    And it was within that silence that Jun Wu Xie suddenly pushed her blue spirit energy to a sudden brilliant flare!

    In that instant!

    She pushed out her palm through the air in the direction of the row upon row of vertical icicles standing before her!

    Her blue spirit energy morphed into a brilliant half moon glow, which swept like a wicked scythe through the icicles!

    A thunderous rumble rocked through the air!

    The crystalline icicles were blasted into crushed ice by the force from her spirit energy as they fell in a scatter, spreading over a large area, scintillating under the glow from the Spirit Fire Globes, like a million stars had fell, to scatter upon the ice.

    The area that had been blasted away by Jun Wu Xie, opened up into a flat surface, the sharp and pointed icicles, disappeared without a trace, except for the crushed ice that covered the surface of the floor.

    "We can now walk." After Jun Wu Xie ascertained the hardness of the icicles, she immediately turned around, to look at her companions behind her.

    Qiao Chu stared at Jun Wu Xie, his face a mask of shock.

    [Simple and brutal..... Why didn't he think of that? !]

    Jun Wu Xie did not think that it had been that hard, and did not feel that the idea was all that ingenious. So..... Why were the expressions of Qiao Chu and the others looking like she had just done something highly amazingly?

    [She had merely broken several icicles didn't she? Do they need to be that surprised?]

    What Jun Wu Xie did was simple and effective as they would only need to flatten those icicles and open a level path in order for them to progress. In this way, not only would they not need to fear being pricked by those deadly icicles, it would hugely increase the speed of their advancement.

    That was a highly uncomplicated and efficient method. Under usual circumstances, it wouldn't really be impossible for people to think of that, but after having undergone the long period of torment and uneasiness in the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, the minds of people would not be in their peak conditions where they would fear breaking anything within the place would bring more disaster upon them.

    Moreover, this place was designed by the people from the Dark Regions. With the fame of the Dark Regions' might and fame, it would have put people under a great deal of pressure.

    With inertia thinking such as this, it would inhibit the minds of many people.

    Fear and suspicions, cages a person's mind and confines their thoughts into a narrow tunnel.

    And Jun Wu Xie, was one that would not waste her mind on useless emotions like fear and suspicions.
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