Chapter 1312: “Walking into Danger Once More (6)”

    Chapter 1312: "Walking into Danger Once More (6)"

    "Cough..... Little Xie, you're really..... resourceful!" Qiao Chu said as he stuck out his big thumb towards Jun Wu Xie. Even with the infamy of the Dark Regions hanging over their heads, she could still remain so quick with her mind, such bravery truly made him take his hat off to the little lass.

    Who didn't know that the people from the Dark Regions were more terrifying? Who would dare believe that there wouldn't be something more terrifying hidden beneath the surface? For all of them, they wouldn't have dared to cause such destruction without hesitation as who knew what might pop up behind the icicles! ?

    Jun Wu Xie's most direct and efficient method, suddenly made Qiao Chu and the others..... feel that they had just been overthinking things!

    Jun Wu Yao looked at Jun Wu Xie's beautiful little face and gave a light laugh. Sometimes people get themselves blinded not just by the situations before their eyes, but but by the fear and sense of unease within their hearts. All these negative emotions, were however seldom seen to have an effect upon Jun Wu Xie.

    At least up till now, he had not seen these negative aspects exhibited by Jun Wu Xie.

    "I wonder how big this place that is filled with icicles really is. I think, why don't we take turn to smash the ice, while others take the opportunity to regain their energy. By taking turns at it, we will not also not have to expend too much spirit power." Rong Ruo suggested as she stared at the dense cluster of icicles.

    If they were to have just one person smashing the ice continuously, and though it would not take up much spirit power for each smash, under the current situation where they did not know how far the icicles stretched out to, and excessive depletion of spirit powers could be dangerous. It would be better that they took turns at it which would ensure that none of them would suffer excessive depletion of their spirit powers, and allow them time to regain their strength while guaranteeing them speed in their progress.

    Jun Wu Xie nodded. She had had the same intention and was just testing out her theory earlier by using only a slight amount of her spirit power. If she had used her full power, the effect would not have been just this little bit.

    Very soon, the group set out on their way and they stepped onto the layer of ice that Jun Wu Xie had cleared. Qiao Chu took on the mantle and decided to step up to deliver the first strike!

    He gathered all the spirit power within his body and immediately elevated his blue spirit power into the Purple Spirit level, to send out a brilliant flash of Purple Spirit energy into the icicles in front of him!


    A tremendous crash reverberated within their ears and a large expanse of space immediately appeared before them that was cleared by Qiao Chu. Countless icicles shattered under that blast and a space about ten meters in diameter lay empty in front.

    Qiao Chu immediately retracted his spirit power after the strike and turned back around with a smirk upon his face as he looked at his companions cockily, sweeping back his hair in an attempt to look cool, his face filled with a smug "I'm number one under the Heavens" look.

    However, he did not receive a single word of praise from any of them, not even an appreciative gaze.

    "Moron." Fei Yan said as he looked at the smug Qiao Chu with a gaze filled with contempt.

    "What? Jealous?" Qiao Chu said as he glared at Fei Yan. He thought that he had delivered that strike with unprecedented flair you know?

    "Are you stupid! ? We are not standing here just to watch you chop down ice! Expending that much spirit energy and even pushing it up to the Purple Spirit! Are you just brimming over with too much spirit energy and have no where else to put it to use?" Fei Yan chided as he rolled his eyes at Qiao Chu. They had said to clear a path for them to pass through and a width of about three meters would have been enough, but Qiao Chu had moronically blasted out a wide hole that was ten meters wide which was of no practical use. It was huge to look at no doubt, but the effective distance it would bring them forward by, was only ten meters.....

    It must be known that Jun Wu Xie's nonchalant gust of spirit energy released earlier, had already cleared a distance of three meters.

    Qiao Chu's overly strenuous and inefficient action had in all their eyes been..... just absolutely moronic! ! !
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