Chapter 1313: “Walking into Danger Once More (7)”

    Chapter 1313: "Walking into Danger Once More (7)"

    Qiao Chu was collectively despised and the smirk upon his face immediately turned mournful as he hung his head and hid himself behind the tall Hua Yao as a nagging twitch developed at the corner of his mouth.

    [He understood their rationale..... but all he had wanted to do was to look cool before the others!]

    [Tsk! This entire heartless bunch of scoundrels..... can't they spare a thought for his feelings! ?]

    After Qiao Chu's attempt to look cool and got himself despised upon, the rest of the companions took turns to step forth. They controlled the spirit power they gathered within their hand and tried their best to maintain the width of the blast at about three meters.

    Hua Yao and the others were all able to blast a path of about twenty meters forward and when compared in terms of efficiency, Qiao Chu's pride was crushed to smithereens.

    What shamed him even further was..... none of them elevated their powers to the Purple Spirit, using merely the powers of their Blue Spirit!

    The Purple Spirit drained their spirit energy too quickly and in view of the current circumstances, no one would be so dumb as to waste their spirit energies in such a dangerous place.


    Qiao Chu the dumbo.

    Fan Zhuo retreated to the back after he retrieved back his spirit powers and proceeded forward with the group. They had already opened up a path of over a hundred meters and had already located the Spirit Fire Globe that Jun Wu Xie had tossed out before but they still did not see any sign that they might be reaching the end. However, they had no other choice but to press on.

    Ye Sha was the person right after Fan Zhuo and with one strike, a long series of crackling sounds rumbled on continuously, where an entire stretch of icicles before them till the path was lost from sight behind the misty fog was blasted away, the deep rumble only stopping completely after a while.

    Qiao Chu's eyes bulged wide, staring at the stern faced Ye Sha in shock.

    They all knew clearly that Ye Sha was more powerful than all of them, but exactly how much more powerful, they had never gotten a clear answer before. But now, having witnessed Ye Sha's single strike here, it had revealed to them roughly just big a gap there was between their powers and Ye Sha's.....

    The force delivered with spirit powers, weakens the further out it traveled. With every meter's distance, the force would be weakened by half, and hence, the distance of the path from the blast that Qiao Chu and his companions threw out, were roughly of the same length, as the similar extents of their powers would not make any big difference in the distance covered.

    But the strike from Ye Sha, had left them all lagging far behind!

    Qiao Chu and the others were all almost anxious to continue moving forward, to measure with their steps just how far the blast from Ye Sha had travelled.

    As they walked and counted, the youths almost fainted from shock.

    [Five hundred meters.....]

    After summing up the results, Qiao Chu just felt like hiding his face away.

    When he thought back about the large hold he had initially made, and looked at what Big Brother Ye Sha had accomplished.....

    He felt so utterly humiliated! !

    That also revealed to them just how terrifying Ye Sha's powers really were but what they did not know, was that wasn't the full extent of Ye Sha's true power. For some special reason, Ye Sha's powers had been curbed and he was not able to summon his full strength.

    Otherwise, he would not have been defeated at the hands of Elder Hui.

    Ye Sha was composed throughout and did not display the slightest bit of smugness. Right after him was Ye Mei's turn and the effect was just as devastating as Ye Sha's.

    With the two men's consecutive displays of their overwhelming powers, it tortured the bunch of hot blooded youths into wretched wrecks. Adding up the distance the companions had blasted away altogether, it was just barely one fifth of what Ye Sha or Ye Mei had accomplished alone.....

    The disparity was just too great!

    But, if Qiao Chu and the companions were aware of the real identities of Ye Sha and Ye Mei, they might not feel so shocked about it.

    "You do it too....." Jun Wu Xie's gaze suddenly fell upon the figure of Jun Wu Yao at her side. Among the entire group of people, only Jun Wu Yao had not had a go at it. According to sequence, it should now be his turn.

    "How far does Little Xie want me to go?" Jun Wu Yao inquired as he lowered his head slightly, to look at Jun Wu Xie with a smile upon his face.
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