Chapter 1314: “Walking into Danger Once More (8)”

    Chapter 1314: "Walking into Danger Once More (8)"

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the handsome countenance that had suddenly come so close to her, and saw a sliver of mirth swimming within his eyes. A glint then played across Jun Wu Xie's eyes and she suddenly pushed herself on her toes and planted a light peck upon Jun Wu Yao's cheek.

    Jun Wu Yao suddenly seemed to freeze within that chilly air.

    Qiao Chu standing at the side covered his hands over his face, a sharp pain suddenly stabbing into his heart..... His eyes were going to be blinded from the sight!

    "As far as you can." Jun Wu Xie said as a faint smile curled at the corners of her lips. She suddenly realized that an occasional act of intimacy coming from her seemed to be able to cause this great demon lord who always wore a devilish smile upon his face to freeze and be at a loss, which Jun Wu Xie felt to be a rather interesting fact.

    Seeing the always unfalteringly smiling and highly mysterious Jun Wu Yao suddenly displaying an expression of surprise like this, her heart somehow felt..... a small sense of satisfaction.

    [Interesting, isn't it?]

    Ye Mei and Ye Sha calmly turned their gazes away, having grasped that a certain recurring pattern had formed. [In the past, it was always their Lord Jue who teased the Young Miss, causing the Young Miss to turn red faced and embarrassed. Now..... the Young Miss has learnt to counterattack!]

    [Her methods of teasing Lord Jue was becoming more and more proficient, delivered with such ease like it was at her fingertips.]

    It was a moment later before Jun Wu Yao recovered to his senses and his eyes turned to stare at Jun Wu Xie, standing stiffly straight as he didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.

    His little one had picked up some nasty habits.


    He liked it very much.

    Filled with "bliss and contentment", Jun Wu Yao rubbed Jun Wu Xie gently on the head, his face highly indulgent as he said: "As per your wish."

    Upon saying that, he took a step forward, and black mist gradually gathered and swirled within his palm. His lifted his arm up and the ball of black mist shot forward quick as lightning, to blast into an area before all of them!

    They only saw a helplessly countless amount of icicles blasted completely away under the black mist. Before the eyes of Jun Wu Xie and the companions, a clear and broad expanse at least a hundred meters wide lay at their feet. It had still not ended, as the sound of ice being blasted continued to reach the companions' ears, not stopping for a long time, continuously, and unending.....


    The jaws of the youths dropped in tandem onto the ground.

    The crisp sound of ice breaking lasted a whole minute before it got enveloped by the thick foggy mist. The sound had merely grown softer, and it didn't sound like it had stopped, but more like......

    It had gotten too far away, and they could no longer hear it.....

    Qiao Chu almost wanted to fall to his knees before Jun Wu Yao at that moment!

    [So what if a kill is scored in a single second?]

    [So what if its total annihilation?]

    [Compared to Jun Wu Yao, Ye Sha and Ye Mei are such weaklings you know!]

    Just its width, was already longer than the distance that Qiao Chu and all his companions had managed to clear altogether.

    At that moment, Qiao Chu stared forlornly into the sky in speechlessness. [Why are they even tormenting themselves for?]

    [They should have just asked for Jun Wu Yao to do it right from the start and he might have cleared the way entirely for them all in one stroke!]

    [And it was exceptionally wide!]

    "I've suddenly thought of one saying." Fei Yan said suddenly.

    "What saying?" Fan Zhuo asked with an eyebrow lifted.

    "The capable when showing off are amazing, while the incapable when showing off are just lame." Fei Yan said, his eyes falling onto Qiao Chu. *[Translator Note from Cloud: long Chinese saying I do not know of and translated as best as I can from my own understanding. Insert Chinese phrase for reference for those interested to know. ","]

    "PFFFT!" Fan Zhuo could not fully stifle his laughter at the insinuation.

    What's contrast?

    This is it.

    Qiao Chu gave out a wail and buried his face within his hands. Although he really wanted to give Fei Yan a good thrashing but..... he himself was agreeing that those words really made a lot of sense so what could he do! ! ?

    [Compared to Jun Wu Yao, he truly thought what he did earlier, was really..... really..... Lame.....]

    Jun Wu Yao did not concern himself with Qiao Chu's wail of despair but just turned to Jun Wu Xie, his lips curled up in a devilish smile as he asked in a slovenly voice: "Enough?"

    "Enough....." Jun Wu Xie was a little speechless. Why was she getting the feeling that Jun Wu Yao had been the last person to bash through the icicles solely for the purpose of building the atmosphere up for this climatic and stunning performance?

    [Cough, she was just thinking too much into it.]

    If Ye Sha and Ye Mei knew what Jun Wu Xie was thinking then, they would surely tell her.

    Young Miss, it is completely reasonable for you to think that way!


    Note from Authour Bei: Chapter 1314. Dedicating the number to all the readers. Muacks, I love all of you 1314.

    [Note from Translator Cloud: 1314 in Chinese reads  yi4 sheng1 yi4 shi4 - loosely translates to all my life. "I'll take the chance to say all of you have been awesome! And I'm thankful to all of you as well! 1314..... XD *deep bow]
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