Chapter 1315: “Bone Corroding Forest (1)”

    Chapter 1315: "Bone Corroding Forest (1)"

    Just how far had Jun Wu Yao's single strike reached till?

    Qiao Chu and the others had not been able to even get an estimation. All the companions knew was that they had not encountered another icicles in their path, but only found themselves trodding through destruction like a tumultuous gale had just passed which tore everything up, leaving in its wake the crushed ice covering over the flat icy surface, glittering from the lights they carried, a mesmerizing sight.

    On that path, they walked for an entire day and night. Upon the ice, the temperature was very low and so chilly their hands felt numb. The companions had had to summon up their spirit powers to keep their bodies warm.

    If not for Jun Wu Yao's single "masterful stroke", the companions would have needed to spend a much longer period of time within this area.

    The destruction that was a hundred meters wide stretched out beyond the foggy mist, and when the temperature began to rise gradually a little, it also told the companions that their journey passing through the glaciers was coming to an end.

    Although delighted with the change, Jun Wu Xie's brows suddenly creased up together. Within the highly humid air, her nose detected a highly stinging scent. That scent went straight into their windpipes, causing their windpipes to burn and sting like it was on fire, the sensation like one who had breathed in a highly acidic and toxic gas.

    "Wait!" Jun Wu Xie suddenly stopped in her tracks. The scent was getting stronger and stronger. She could distinctly feel her throat burning from breathing in that scent and as they were still within a chilly environment, a person's sensitivity would be somewhat reduced, which would have numbed their senses quite a bit.

    "What's wrong?" Qiao Chu asked as he rubbed his hands together. After walking through the ice for an entire day and night, he could feel the chill that had even seeped through the soles of his shoes, causing him to feel pain all over his body.

    "Stop for the moment." Jun Wu Xie said as she sniffed lightly at the stinging scent in the air. "Didn't any of you smell anything strange?"

    The youths all stopped in their tracks and tried sniffing the air around them. But as their nasal passage had been assaulted by the freezing air for such a long period, their noses were feeling rather numb. Breathing in the frosty air had stung at their throats and having been within that freezing environment for an extended period, their scent of smell was already become compromised. Hence, the companions had not detected anything at all.

    "I can't smell a thing now as my nose feels like it's going to fall off from the cold." Fei Yan exclaimed as he rubbed at his nose. The temperature here was frighteningly low and they had needed to gather their spirit powers within their bodies to maintain the temperature within their bodies. They did not dare to tally at any spot long as standing in spot for a moment longer would quickly cause the soles of their shoes to freeze into the ice.

    With the temperature that cold, the mist in the air was filled with frost which went straight into their lungs with their breathing, which just drove the chill deeper into their bones where even breathing had become a torture.

    "I can't smell a thing either." Rong Ruo said as she shook her head.

    Hua Yao and Fan Zhuo were a little smarter here and they knew to breathe some warm breath into their hands cupped over their noses, to warm up it up slightly. But the effects were not significant as they had been in that frigid environment for too long and they really could not smell anything.

    As Ye Sha and Ye Mei held much more power, the chill had not affected them much. But at the same time, the stinging scent from within the air had not much of an effect on them as well as their bodies were not as sensitive or perceptive as Jun Wu Xie's.

    "Has Little Xie detected something wrong?" Jun Wu Yao asked as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's wary expression.

    Jun Wu Xie furrowed up her brows and said: "It's not yet clear to me yet but something's not right with the fog here. There is definitely something different in there." As none of the others could provide any information for her to make a judgement, Jun Wu Xie could only make her own guesses into it.

    She pulled out her Cosmos Sack hanging from her hip and dug out several elixirs that neutralizes poison to hand them over to Qiao Chu and the others.
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