Chapter 1316: “Bone Corroding Forest (2)”

    Chapter 1316: "Bone Corroding Forest (2)"

    Even seeing that Jun Wu Xie was suddenly being more cautious, Qiao Chu and the others did not see the need to ask her about it and just swallowed the elixirs as she had instructed. It was not known whether it was just psychological, but after taking the elixirs, their pain that they felt when they drew in their breaths seemed to hurt a lot less.

    "It's a little strange Little Xie, what did you give us? Is there anything wrong with this place?" Qiao Chu asked as he scratched at his head. It must be said though, even with the map in their possession, everything down here at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff was still so damned torturous. If people came here insufficiently prepared or with inadequate powers, even with the complete map, the resulting fate would still be death.

    For the "watchdogs" guarding the Dark Emperor's tomb, one could still detour and avoid encountering them. But places filled with invisible dangers that straddled an expanse so vast were however completely unavoidable.

    "Within this air at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, there is a poison with corrosive elements within it. It was very faint in the beginning and the poison would not produce any effects within a short period of time. But after it is absorbed into the body, it follows one's bloodstream and spread to all parts of the body. I know now that Mu Qian Fan and his team had breathed in great amounts of this poison and the poison had then taken effect and killed everyone in his team. Before we started on our descent from the Heaven's End Cliff, the elixirs I gave you were to counter this particular poison, but....." Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed. The misty fog hung heavily all around them and visibility was dismally low. The Spirit Fire Globes in their hands that they relied on only lit up a small area around them and being within this mystifying fog, they had no way of seeing clearly what they were surrounded with.

    But it seemed like every stretch they went deeper into, the fog, and the temperature, in actuality changed drastically.

    The change took place very gradually and if one did not pay close attention to sense it carefully, it would easily be missed. The changes did not rise or drop suddenly but altered very gently and subtly, turning more vile quietly almost undetectable. And when people were overwhelmed from the exhaustion and uneasiness, most would miss such a slow change happening around them.

    It was on the same basis like when frogs got themselves cooked in water. When frogs were laid in water, they would not notice that the water was turning from cool to warm. By the time the water reached a boil, it would already be too late to realize the danger and were unable to escape.

    Many places here at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff contained amazing aspects. The different areas marked out upon the map were vast and expansive but its vastness wasn't exactly endless. Within all these specific areas, two neighbouring areas right next to each other would present a highly drastic change between them.

    Like the change of seasons, the changes would be felt slow and gradual, making the human body slowly go from one extreme into the other, without the person even realizing it.

    Although Jun Wu Xie was most familiar with things to do with Medicine, she still possessed basic knowledge about nature and geographical terrains. She was suddenly rather intrigued by how the people from the Dark Regions had been able to transform the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff into a mystifying place that gobbled people up so completely it wouldn't even spit out their bone. Traps and ferocious beasts could be by intentional design, but how had these places that emulated the forces of nature itself come into being?

    In this aspect, Jun Wu Xie could not fathom how it could be achieved no matter how much she thought about it.

    "Over the past two hours, the concentration of the poison within the fog had been increasing substantially. But the increase in intensity had not been really noticeable, as it had been grown very gradually. I'm was afraid that the elixirs I gave all of you in the beginning would not be enough to neutralize the poison that is so highly concentrated here and hence I have given all of you another one as a booster." As Jun Wu Xie spoke, her gaze was looking deep into the mist. She had an uneasy feeling in her heart that after overcoming the icicles, what they were about to face next would be something even more harder to handle.

    The closer they approached the Dark Emperor's tomb, the more dangerous the places they would encounter.
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