Chapter 1318: “Bone Corroding Forest (4)”

    Chapter 1318: "Bone Corroding Forest (4)"

    Jun Wu Xie watched Little Jue's highly aggrieved look and she found it difficult to decide whether she should laugh or cry but she soon realized she really didn't have much time to continue teasing the little fella.

    Because when they walked out from the layers of glacial ice, the scene that met their eyes made all of them hold their breath in shock!

    A wide endless stretch of dense forest foliage suddenly popped up before them!

    It was a forest that was covered in white frost. The frost covered every single leaf, spreading a mantle of white gauze over everything. The thick tree trunks crisscrossed over each other, blocking up the way forward completely airtight.

    Within the dense frosty forest right before where they stepped out from, a large patch of the area was destroyed. The thick trees had fallen over and lay over each other everywhere, obviously from the strike Jun Wu Yao had delivered. That one strike had not only been driven through the layers of icicles, it had even spread over to part of this forest at its fringes.

    And beneath the huge fallen trees, a strange sight met their eyes. Upon the broken branches, a thick green sap was oozing out continuously, spreading over the forest floor to cover the entire area. The thick sap had not been frozen under the extremely low temperature but a highly pungent smell rose constantly from the thick sap.

    That smell was one that Jun Wu Xie was familiar with. The poison mingled within the impenetrable thick fog had originated from this source!

    "What kind of damned trees are these....." Fei Yan whispered as he stared, looking at the strange dense forest. The towering trees grew strangely, its branches highly twisted, every single leaf upon them seemingly very thick, the leaves covered with frost under the foggy mist looking like fallen snowflakes, the countless vines similarly covered in frost a thick cross weave high up among the trees.

    If not for the wrong place this was in, the place could have been seen as beautiful. But shrouded within the poisonous mist at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, the tall trees covered in white frost here looked more like white bones twisted together, looking highly sinister and horrifying instead.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the "white" trees and within her mind, lines she had read rose clearly within her mind.

    She had not seen any trees like this before, but within those tattered ancient texts, she remembered a description that was highly similar to these trees.

    "Bone Corroding Trees." Jun Wu Xie suddenly uttered those three words from her mouth.

    "Bone Corroding Trees? What in the world is that?" Qiao Chu asked as a shiver ran up his spine. Just that name had made the hair on his arms stand on end.

    "A type that draws its nutrients from flesh and blood, a highly poisonous plant species that thrives when irrigated with poison." Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed. Within the ancient texts that she had purchased from Qiao Chu, many rare and strange species of plants were recorded, and it introduced in detail the ways to cultivate those plants.

    When she initially saw the record about the Bone Corroding Trees, she had given it a little attention then. The way these trees grew were different from others. It didn't need soil, or even water or sunlight. The growth of every Bone Corroding Tree began under very bloody conditions. The seeds need to be planted within a live human's body and then burying the live person underground, exposing only his head above the soil. The seed buried within the human's body would then draw the essence of the flesh and blood of that human body, budding and sprouting its roots with the body as its soil.

    Once the Bone Corroding Tree went into its initial stages of growth, as a parasitic plant, it would pierce through the human body it lived off of, splitting the human shell open and would absorb its nutrients one final time before putting out its roots within the earth. It could very well be said that the Bone Corroding Tree was a demonic lifeform that needed a human life in exchange for it to live. After it sprouted it first bud through the surface of the earth, it required the frequent watering of a concoction made from five types of poisonous insects and twelve different poisonous plant species, to let the Bone Corroding Tree absorb the poison, slowly growing into maturity.....
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