Chapter 1319: “Bone Corroding Forest (5)”

    Chapter 1319: "Bone Corroding Forest (5)"

    The Bone Corroding Tree grew very slowly but after its first bud broke through to earth's surface, it would no longer need to absorb a human's flesh and blood to survive but just to water it with the poisonous concoction till it sprouted leaves. After its first leaf sprouted, it would then be able to produce its own corrosive poisonous sap and become self sufficient.

    The Bone Corroding Tree from its trunk, roots, till the tips of its leaves, were all filled with deadly poison. Without mentioning to ingest it, even the slightest contact with a person's skin would corrode it completely, reaching right to the bone, and that was how the name Bone Corroding Tree came about.

    It was not known just how wide the entire forest that was formed with these Bone Corroding Trees before Jun Wu Xie and her companions and the number of Bone Corroding Trees planted there was just impossible to estimate.

    The icicles were a challenge to a person's prudence and how meticulous a person's mind was. But to pass through the Bone Corroding Forest, it was just plainly asking them to risk their lives!

    The Bone Corroding Tree by itself was a vault of poisonous sap and even if they were smashed up, the poisonous sap within the trees would still remain, spilling straight onto the ground and would remain there for a long time.

    This highly corrosive poisonous sap made the way just absolutely impassable. Qiao Chu had tested it by tossing a length of iron chain onto the green poisonous sap and the result was that the two finger thick chain had completely dissolved into nothing the instant it sank into the sap.

    Qiao Chu had gasped in shock upon seeing that.

    "Whoa, this poisonous sap is sure nasty!" That was surely not just poison sap, it was corpse dissolving acid!

    "Just the stench rising from the poison sap is enough to claim a person's life must less coming into direct contact with it. If someone were to really step onto it, he would not be able to take another step as his leg would have dissolved completely." Hua Yao said with his eyes narrowed. Mu Qian Fan and his team had merely moved around for a period within the outer fringes where the poison had been thinnest and that had already happened to them where the poison within the fog had claimed the lives of almost the entire team.

    It could be seen from that how potent the poison was.

    "Will we be able to cross the forest by being extra careful? Although these trees are crowded densely together, but the distance of the gaps between them are quite a bit wider than the icicles were, so walking through them might be a little easier. As long as we do not damage the trees, do you think it will then be possible?" Fei Yan asked his companions.

    The trees grew close to each other, packed rather tightly. But as the trees were large and their branches and leaves spread wide, the gaps between them were wide enough for a person to pass. Compared to the icicles where there was only enough space for people to place a foot, the situation at the forest seemed much better.

    Unfortunately, Jun Wu Xie shook her head.

    "These trees might look outwardly normal, but upon the leaves and vines of the Bone Corroding Trees are actually tiny thorns which would easily scratch a person." The trunks of the Bone Corroding Trees grew in irregular patterns and not straight upwards. The trunks twisted and turned, crisscrossing over each other. Although the distance between the trees looked to be rather far apart from each other, but studying it carefully, it would be seen that at about a man's chest height, the Bone Corroding Tree's trunks were all twisted into impossible angles and the grasping branches seemed to shrouded all space above that height entirely.

    In order to pass by avoiding those branches, one would need to stoop by bending his back very low and no one knew just how vast the Bone Corroding Forest really was and once a person entered, there would be no other choice but to advance forward.


    The place was different from the region with the icicles with its thick and dense foliage and the Spirit Fire Globes could not be thrown far to clearly see how the place further in was like. To a person caught within the forest, it would be a highly dangerous choice to make.
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