Chapter 1320: “Bone Corroding Forest (6)”

    Chapter 1320: "Bone Corroding Forest (6)"

    At that moment, the people in the group fell deep in thought. Jun Wu Xie was trying very hard to think of a way that would work.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei stood on one side, silently turning their gazes upon Jun Wu Yao.

    This thing called the Bone Corroding Tree.....

    Was the product from what their Lord Jue had done upon people who harboured malicious intentions against him. The reason behind its very existence was not to use it to create poison, but to let those betrayers have a taste of the agony and torment of having a parasitic plant's seed eat at their flesh and blood, and when the Bone Corroding Tree grew to break out through the earth's surface. It was something developed by someone within the Dark Regions they belonged to.

    The two men had really not expected that their brothers in the Dark Regions would actually introduce something so torturous into the Lower Realm as a layer of defense for the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    A defence mechanism of this level was something that even the two men would bow down to.

    If they were not personally caught within the situation themselves, they would have only been too glad to see all these layers of impenetrable obstacles completely bury each and every nefarious person who unjustly coveted the treasures in their Lord Jue's "tomb".


    Now, it was their Lord Jue himself who was leading the Young Miss to "dig his own grave"!

    Jun Wu Yao's face was showing his usual smile like always, with a faint tinge of teasing as he looked at Jun Wu Xie's face that was looking deep in thought, not noticing the mournful expressions of his two subordinates in the least.

    "These trees are rather interesting." Jun Wu Yao said with a light laugh.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei were stunned as they stood on the side.

    "Lord Jue, what did you just say?" Ye Mei thought that there was something wrong with his ears and he asked his Lord in a soft voice.

    "If not for the unappropriate timing, I might want to have it brought back to look into it." Jun Wu Yao exhorted, seemingly rather interested in it. Unique things like this were rare to see and regardless whether they were useful or not, as long as it held unique qualities, it was proof enough of its worth to exist.

    Ye Mei held his tongue.

    [His Lord Jue must have failed to notice that these Bone Corroding Trees were by extension a product from the punishment he employed onto people who went against him!]

    [Lord Jue!]

    [You don't need to take the trouble of bringing this back! There is already a bunch of them back in the Dark Regions and when you return there, you will be able to look at them all you want!]

    Jun Wu Yao did not remember in the slightest these playthings derived from his moment of interest from before and he had not realized that these things that drove Jun Wu Xie to fall deep in thought had come from his own hand.....

    Ya Sha and Ye Mei tried so hard to hold themselves back they almost vomited blood but had had no choice but to forcefully swallow the blood back down.

    They had already come to this point and they would never sell their Lord out.

    They did not see the need to remind their Lord Jue that these things were something he had brought back to the Dark Regions himself before and the brothers in the Dark Regions had brought it to new glorious heights that had now put the Young Miss in a tight spot!

    [Don't say anything!]

    [They would not say a single word about it!]

    Jun Wu Xie could not come up with anything and she immediately pulled out the several ancient texts, to search for the part that spoke about the Bone Corroding Tree's unique qualities.

    Qiao Chu spotted the ancient texts that Jun Wu Xie had brought out and he was immediately feeling very curious. He had flipped through those books himself before they were sold and he had not seen anything special about them. But looking at Jun Wu Xie now, she seemed to treasure those books very much.

    Jun Wu Xie calmed her heart down and went through the texts. The unique qualities of the Bone Corroding Tree recorded was exactly as she had remembered. Everything that was written within the books, she could even recite them backwards accurately.

    But as she flipped through them, she found something else that was special in another one of the books.

    To counter poison with poison!

    The poison sap from the Bone Corroding Trees were highly corrosive but not exactly immune to poison themselves. If two types of poison saps were mixed together, it was possible that they might produce a neutralizing effect, cancelling out the corrosiveness of the trees' sap.

    "Countering poison with poison." Jun Wu Xie's eyes slowly narrowed, as a plan slowly formed up within her mind.
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