Chapter 1321: “Bone Corroding Forest (7)”

    Chapter 1321: "Bone Corroding Forest (7)"

    "What do you mean by countering poison with poison? You couldn't really be thinking..... to use poison to overcome so many Bone Corroding Trees here are you....." Qiao Chu said as he stared at Jun Wu Xie in shock. The idea wouldn't have been that hard to achieve. The most difficult part though, was that the Bone Corroding Trees were so many in number and were spread over a vast expanse. Even if Jun Wu Xie's Cosmos Sack was filled with poison, it still wouldn't be enough.

    "Why not?" Jun Wu Xie's eyebrow arched up. She was thinking to herself that this was a really good idea!

    Although she had considered to use their spirit powers to bash a path straight through and place the Bone Corroding Tree's bark under their feet to line their shoes as they moved. But destroying that many Bone Corroding Trees would cause great amounts of the poisonous sap to spill out and the concentration of the poison within the mist in the Bone Corroding Forest would increase by at least several hundred folds. In those circumstances, even when the companions had taken the neutralizing elixirs, if they had to remain in that environment for a long period, negative effects would surely manifest upon them.

    That would be the last choice.

    If there were any other options available, Jun Wu Xie wouldn't mind giving it a try.

    When it came to poisons, among all of them in the world of nature that she had seen, only one type was comparable to the poisonous sap of the Bone Corroding Tree.

    "But..... how much poison would that require?" Qiao Chu asked.

    Jun Wu Xie replied: "Quantity will not be an issue."


    Jun Wu Xie did not explain it any further to Qiao Chu but had just taken a step forward and a red light shone brilliantly from her fingers!

    That red light gradually spread, suspended in midair till the red light grew to shine over a large area that it suddenly gathered together to slowly form into the shape of a man.

    Under the entire Heavens, among everything that Jun Wu Xie knew that was able to provide an incessant and uninterrupted supply of poison was just that one, and its toxicity was even comparable to the Bone Corroding Trees.

    All of a sudden, the red light dissipated and a tall figure appeared but everyone's eyes. That sinisterly good looking man had a frivolous and flippant smile playing at the corner of his mouth. He glided nearer in approach and when his gaze fell upon the figure of Jun Wu Xie, he knelt upon the ground on a single knee and lowered that arrogant head of his just slightly.

    "My Mistress, what orders do you have for me today?" His tone was slovenly and tinged with an alluring raspiness. He then slowly lifted his head and looked at Jun Wu Xie with a pair of eyes filled with rapture, like he only had eyes for Jun Wu Xie, his love untiring.

    Jun Wu Xie was just about to open her mouth to speak when a figure appeared right behind her. In the instant before Jun Wu Xie could even open her mouth, a stream of black mist had shot straight towards Poppy who was kneeling upon the ground!

    Poppy was startled as he found his body enveloped by that swirling black mist. A highly intense oppressive aura then spilled forth from the black mist which squashed at his body!

    "Let me see you looking at her with eyes like that one more time and I make you realize what it means to have your spirit flown and your soul scattered." A voice thick with murder rang out from under that mist as Jun Wu Yao stared through narrowed eyes at Poppy, helplessly confined within the black mist, the murderous intent within his eyes undoubtable.

    At that moment, everyone was stunned.

    Jun Wu Xie then quickly said: "He is my ring spirit."

    Jun Wu Yao replied with a cold laugh and said: "I know that, if he wasn't, he would now already be dead."

    [He actually dared to look at his Little Xie with such a frivolous gaze. It did not matter whether he was a man or a ring spirit, they all had to die for such impunity.

    "Er....." Jun Wu Xie was speechless for a moment. Although she had come to understand her feelings for Jun Wu Yao, but towards an emotion like "jealousy", it was still foreign to her. What she could not understand was why had such an intense murderous intent suddenly risen within Jun Wu Yao.

    [This should be the first time he was seeing Poppy right?]

    [Has Poppy offended him already?]
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