Chapter 1322: “Bone Corroding Forest (8)”

    Chapter 1322: "Bone Corroding Forest (8)"

    Poppy's face turned deathly pale. Ring spirits were spirit bodies and were able to dodge from many forms of physical harm. When faced with a crisis, they could even turn themselves back into spirit form to hide back into the spirit rings. But the swirling black mist had seemingly negated all those abilities and imprisoned his spirit inside it, giving him no chance of breaking free at all.

    The feeling where his entire spirit was placed under torment, had made Poppy experience an extraordinary level of agony.

    He looked at Jun Wu Yao who was standing behind Jun Wu Xie and the man whose entire being was exuding a highly dangerous aura made his heart jump in fright.

    "I understand..... It won't ever..... happen again....." Poppy was certain that the man was not pulling his leg and if he showed him the slightest sign of going against him, the man would not hesitate to destroy him completely! !

    Jun Wu Yao snorted in contempt and with a wave of his hand, he dispersed the black mist.

    Poppy then fell back into a kneel wretchedly.

    This time, his gaze were steady and determined, not showing any traces of frivolousness or seduction.

    In reality, Poppy could not be blamed. Poppies by nature were things that made people fall into helpless addiction and he could not help that the aura exuding from his body was just like nature made him to be. But in the face of such oppressive power, even if it was his innate nature, he had no other choice but to suppress himself.

    He really did not wish to die such a ridiculously ignoble death.

    Jun Wu Yao had struck quick as lightning and throughout it all, Qiao Chu and the other companions had stood stunned on one side, where they only managed to recover after a fairly long while.

    Jun Wu Yao observed Poppy's reaction in satisfaction and the murder slowly faded from his eyes. He then lowered his head to look at the surprised Jun Wu Xie and that familiar smile immediately showed within his eyes in a sparkle, as if that all that had just occurred had never happened at all.

    "I still have not congratulated you properly for having gained another ring spirit."

    Jun Wu Xie stared at Jun Wu Yao who was all smiles, feeling that his method of "congratulations" was rather "exquisite and unconventional"!

    "But among ring spirits, there are quite a number of them who are impure. For those ring spirits, you'll be better off without them and just go find yourself another in the future." Jun Wu Yao said with a highly gentle smile, his tone of voice smiling and smooth. But when those words reached Poppy's ears, they sent a sudden chill to run up his spine.

    [Weren't those words actually meant for his ears instead?]

    Having not even interacted with his new Mistress for all that long, Poppy cried tearlessly within his heart. At his new Mistress side, it seemed that there was an extraordinary entity.

    Jun Wu Xie sighed and then said: "Stop fooling around. We need to deal with the matters at hand."

    That's right.....

    In JUn Wu Xie's eyes, Jun Wu Yao's actions were just like a child throwing a tantrum and she had not completely not linked it to Jun Wu Yao being jealous or anything.

    Jun Wu Yao shrugged his shoulders to show that he was willing to cooperate.

    With Jun Wu Yao holding the fort here, Poppy did not dare try anything funny but just forced a mask of undying loyalty to show upon his face, as he knelt before Jun Wu Xie.

    Jun Wu Xie had summoned Poppy for no other reason than to borrow Poppy's poison to counteract the Bone Corroding Tree's poisonous sap, to have the two deadly poisons to repel against each other and eliminate a large portion of each other's toxicity. In that way, the companions would then be able to move freely within the Bone Corroding Forest.

    "If it's not against the Bone Corroding Tree's poisonous sap on a very large scale, I should be able to achieve it." Poppy said, in a rare moment of seriousness.

    Actually, seeking to make use Poppy's poison to pass through the Bone Corroding Forest was not a complicated task. They would only need Poppy to release his scent and allow it to spread. Even if someone was scratched by the Bone Corroding Tree, the corrosive effects would not happen immediately as the poisonous sap upon the wound would clash with Poppy's poison which would neutralize a good part of its toxicity, and would no longer be deadly.
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