Chapter 1323: “Bone Corroding Forest (9)”

    Chapter 1323: "Bone Corroding Forest (9)"

    Poppy was a spirit body and when it came to the amount of poison he could call forth, there is no need to worry that it would be inadequate.

    "Everyone, please first ingest this." Poppy said as he put several black seeds within his hand, small and tiny, the size of sesame seeds.

    "This is?" Qiao Chu picked up one of the seeds and studied it as he held it before his eyes. It was so small that if he blew at it with one breath, he would quickly lose it.

    The corners of Poppy's lips curled up but he quickly caught himself and immediately suppressed his slovenly and frivolous demeanor, putting forth a highly serious expression as he said: "Poppy's scent makes people who smell it lose the strength in their bodies and over an extended period, they might even experience hallucinations. I am guessing that all these esteemed individuals here wouldn't want to suffer from that."

    To counter the effects of poppies, only something from Poppy himself would work. But it was different from the seeds of the Imperial Snow Lotus as his seeds' effects lasted a shorter period of time, only for a few days before it would then lose its effect.

    The poppy seeds by themselves did not possess any special qualities but only provided one immunity to Poppy's poison.

    "Hallucinations? What kind of hallucinations?" Qiao Chu asked curiously. They didn't know particularly much about Poppy, this new ring spirit and moreover..... he looks like he wouldn't take it well if antagonized.

    Poppy's eyes narrowed slightly and he was about to put on a sinister and wicked smile but as a certain great demon lord was around, he decided he'd better not and instead merely replied: "If you're really curious about it, I'll let you have a taste of it in the future."

    Qiao Chu immediately shook his head vehemently. He didn't feel like becoming a guinea pig.

    Poppy shrugged his shoulders and everyone swallowed the seed that Poppy had given them. Under Jun Wu Xie's watchful eye this time, Little Jue had no other choice but to mournfully swallow the seed that was so tiny it was almost dismissible down his throat as he looked at Jun Wu Xie teary eyed, his face looking highly aggrieved.

    Using the method for one poison to counteract another wasn't too complicated as all Poppy needed to do was to shroud everyone within his scent, creating a sector around Jun Wu Xie and her companions to be filled with the fragrance released by him. As he was a spirit body, Poppy himself did not need to fear getting pricked by the Bone Corroding Trees and all he needed to be concern himself with was the several people in the team. To throw out and maintain his fragrance remained constant within just a small area like that, would not pose any difficulty for Poppy.

    After all the preparations were complete, Jun Wu Xie and the others finally set foot into the Bone Corroding Forest. Within the dense forest filled with the closely gathered Bone Corroding Trees, the slightest bit of carelessness would cause them to brush themselves against the twisted and interweaving branches and vines around them. The companions were all dressed in specially made thick clothing and they might not have to fear that so much but the parts where their skin that were exposed were still highly prone to getting scratched.

    As Jun Wu Xie had mentioned, those white coloured vines which were seemingly coated with frost were actually covered with tiny barbs and the slightest scratch would tear off a layer of their skin.

    The wounds might have just been highly superficial and might not even be noticed at first as the bleeding was just very faint and inconspicuous.

    But it was exactly just those small and tiny little wounds that made Qiao Chu and the others whine and grumble incessantly.

    Although tiny, the pain they caused were not slight at all. From every scratch they suffered, it felt as if the wound was lit on fire.

    And this, was the effect after Poppy's poison had taken effect on them. If they had not had Poppy's poison counteracting the toxin, being scratched by the Bone Corroding Trees would not be just mere pain that they would be feeling.

    The Bone Corroding Forest was filled with countless Bone Corroding Trees whose canopies blocked out the sky. The misty fog hung heavily in the air within the thick forest, every single tree looking like one and the same. Jun Wu Xie kept her eyes fixed upon the Destiny's Dish to point them in the right direction or they would easily lose their way within the maze like Bone Corroding Forest.
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