Chapter 1324: “Bone Corroding Forest (10)”

    Chapter 1324: "Bone Corroding Forest (10)"

    In the pitch dark Bone Corroding Forest, the chill wind rustled the leaves. Dark and dank, the mud beneath their feet made it difficult to walk like they were in a swamp. To advance within that forest, they had to walk with their backs bent over to try as hard as they could to reduce the chances of contact with the low overhanging leaves and branches, to prevent themselves from getting scratched.

    Although being scratched by the trees would not cause them to lose their lives now, but that severe burning pain was not something they were willing to go through.

    At that moment, the youths who had always been proud of their height suddenly realized painfully what kind of pain being tall could bring to them.

    Among them, only Jun Wu Xie and Little Jue were shorter in stature and most of the Bone Corroding Trees in their twisted state was just about enough for Little Jue to walk unhindered while Jun Wu Xie only needed to occasionally stoop a little when she came across a particularly low hanging branch.

    But it was a complete tragedy for tall youths like Qiao Chu and the others.

    The five other youths did not differ by much in their heights and when among others in the same age group, they were usually considered outstandingly suave and good looking. But here in the Bone Corroding Forest, their much envied height suddenly became the cause as the tragedy unfolded.

    Immediately upon the first step into the Bone Corroding Forest, their backs had not had the chance to straighten at all!

    If that was just the case, it wouldn't have been that bad, but.....

    They were forced to have to see those several people who were even taller than they were, calmly moving around as they wished within the Bone Corroding Forest with their backs ramrod straight!

    Like the spirit body that was Poppy.....

    And the courageous and highly skilled Ye Sha and Ye Mei.....

    A most prime example, Jun Wu Yao.....

    Alright, for the last one, all the companions had selectively chosen to disregard to save their pride!

    Poppy was a ring spirit and a ring spirit who possessed lethal poison, so the fact that the Bone Corroding Tree's poisonous sap was no different from spring water was understandable. They had even witnessed with their own eyes when a Bone Corroding Tree's vine had scratched the back of Poppy's hand, the vine had immediately turned black and shriveled up.....

    That really showed them just who was more poisonous!

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei had seemingly not found the poisonous sap from the Bone Corroding Tree that unbearable or it could be that they would rather endure the agony than bend their backs against it.....

    As for Jun Wu Yao.....

    Ha ha, they decided they did not see him. That was not a man, but a god!

    Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit were carried in the arms of Ye Sha and Ye Mei, the two most leisurely creatures among the entire group. Along the entire way, they just curled themselves up comfortably in the arms of the two dark robed men, warm and cosy, and were even given leaves of the Imperial Snow Lotus to snack on when they were hungry.

    Those two ignorant little creatures seemed as if they did not come here to suffer but to enjoy a leisurely trip!

    "Meh~" Lord Meh Meh flicked its ears while inside Ye Sha's arms as it stared at the twisted Bone Corroding Trees, bleating in complaint.

    "Puu?" The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit laid within Ye Mei's arms and licked at its fur contentedly.

    The two ignorant little beasts chatted away happily with each other, with no one knowing what they were discussing about.

    "I'll say Little Black, what are those two jabbering about?" Qiao Chu was following behind Jun Wu Xie, his back almost breaking as he held himself up with a hand at his hips while moving forward. He heard Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit's mystifying conversation and trying to find some joy in his sorrow, he asked the little black cat plopped over Jun Wu Xie's shoulder.

    The little black cat turned its head around and looked at Qiao Chu who had turned red faced from having his back perpetually bent over before it replied.

    "They are discussing where the leaves of the Bone Corroding Trees can be eaten, and whether they will taste good."

    "....." Qiao Chu was stunned a moment and was suddenly filled with an urge to turn around and thrash up those two ignorant little beasts!

    However, he did not act on that urge because.....

    He wouldn't be a match for those two!
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