Chapter 1325: “All Consuming Sands (1)”

    Chapter 1325: "All Consuming Sands (1)"

    Within the Bone Corroding Forest, the white frost that covered every tree trunk, leaf and vine, regardless whether one looked at it from afar, or was standing in the middle of it all, would feel that it all looked mesmerizing and beautiful. However, for people who truly understood the origins of a Bone Corroding Tree, they would not think of it that way.

    Inside the Bone Corroding Forest, piles of skeletal remains could be seen at the foot of many of the trees, the flesh long rotted away, the clothes dissolved into nothing, and even the bones were sorely incomplete.

    The poisonous sap of the Bone Corroding Trees were highly corrosive and among those piles of skeletal bones seen, it could safely be said that none were whole, probably left behind after parts were corroded and dissolved away, with parts of the remaining broken bones stained black in many places.

    In every spot at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, hidden dangers pervaded the entire place. The more one knew about the place, the more one would be shocked by everything in there.

    Every single place was seemingly the result from careful planning and preparation, and its aim was entirely targeted at sending people who seeked to disturb the eternal rest of the Dark Emperor right into Hell.

    Without a map, thinking to find the Dark Emperor's tomb in here would not be something that could possibly be achieved in mere years.

    Those piles of bones that littered the ground everything was the best proof of that.

    The Bone Corroding Forest proved to be a vast expanse, several times the size of the glaciers filled with countless icicles. Throughout the entire way, as Jun Wu Xie and her companions needed to avoid the Bone Corroding Trees, their progress was painfully slow and they took five whole days to walk through it. They made short stops to get small periods of rest but they were not even able to sit down at all in there.

    Those Bone Corroding Trees were all infused with poisonous sap and the entire forest could be said to be filled with lethal poison. Long periods of contact with anything within the forest might bring them unthinkable consequences and hence, even with Poppy with them, the companions did not dare take the risk of sitting.

    Bone chillingly low temperatures, exhaustion, constantly wrecked at the hearts of everyone, but according to what was marked out on the map, they had just completed merely one third of the journey.

    The size of the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, was so vast it went beyond all their expectations.

    On the sixth day, the temperature around them began to take minute changes. The chillingly low temperatures that were enough to freeze their blood was seemingly beginning to lift. The temperature began to warm up which finally brought some relief to the youths who had been tormented for such a long time but they still did not dare to let down their guard completely.

    Finally by the time the seventh day came, they could see the edge of the Bone Corroding Forest which brought great delight to the companions.

    But the scene that met their eyes after that caused the smiles upon their faces to slowly fade.

    In the instant they stepped out from the Bone Corroding Forest, the temperature all around suddenly shot up by several tens of degrees!

    It was bone chillingly cold just a moment before, and they were now standing in the merciless scorching heat of endless summer.

    Closely joined up to the edge of the Bone Corroding Forest, was another world entirely. A vast expanse of golden sands, dry winds howling past, fine sand particles blown over their faces scratching them, making them feel a stinging pain like tiny knives were cutting into them.

    One moment it was so cold their bodies were shivering so hard and just taking one step out, Qiao Chu and his companions suddenly felt sweat dripping like rain within their thickly clothed up bodies!

    A wide desert, spread out endlessly before their eyes.

    "What..... in Heaven's world..... is this....." Qiao Chu stared into the sweeping golden sands before his eyes, the merciless scorching heat causing his face that had turned pale from the chill immediately flushing a fiery red.

    The clothes that they had used to keep warm before now turned into a roasting oven. Their bodies felt like they were encased in a steamer, so stifling that they became nauseated.

    The sudden and extreme change in the temperature stunned everyone. This unexplainable phenomenon that went against the very laws of nature was just too unbelievable!
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