Chapter 1326: “All Consuming Sands (2)”

    Chapter 1326: "All Consuming Sands (2)"

    Its distance was barely one step away but the division between freezing chill and scorching heat was clear and distinct. At the end of the Bone Corroding Forest, it was like someone had opened up a boundary barrier, that created a clear division line between two opposing seasons.

    The foggy mist that shrouded over the entire group dissipated, as wild howling gales kicked up sand storms that blew past them, like the desert before their eyes, were seen through a sheer veil.

    At that moment, even Jun Wu Xie was stunned in shock.

    Throughout her past and present life, she had seen and encountered many strange things, but never had she witnessed such a bizarre phenomenon.

    In such close proximity, but the temperature on the two sides differed by several tens of degrees.

    The last step here bone chillingly wintry cold, the next step forward into merciless scorching heat in high summer.

    Such an inexplicable phenomenon and environment, was completely impossible that it could even exist, but here it was staring right at them before their very eyes.

    "The people from the Dark Regions are just not human. How did they achieve this?" Fei Yan asked, his face bathed in perspiration. Such a quick and immediate change between hot and cold did not allow time for their bodies to moderate and adjust at all.

    It was almost like taking a person who had been soaked for days within an icy lake and suddenly throwing him to roast over a coal fire, where the body felt like it would almost immediately explode.

    Such a situation, could not have been formed naturally. Have the people from the Dark Regions grown so powerful that they have learnt how to control the weather? !

    "It's a boundary barrier." Jun Wu Yao said as he raised up a hand, stretching it forward slightly. A strange sensation was felt upon his palm. His arm was still feeling the biting chill, but the fingers were wrapped up in scorching heat.

    Polar opposites of ice and fire, could actually be joined together so exquisitely.

    An eyebrow arched up on Jun Wu Yao's face.

    "Boundary Barrier?" Jun Wu Xie asked, turning her head to look at Jun Wu Yao.

    "Something that could create a division between two areas. It's not complicated, but to make it encompass over such a large area, it must have taken quite a great amount of effort." Jun Wu Yao's voice was even tinged with a trace of praise.

    That made Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately puff up their chests in pride.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, do you really think this is a good time to be praising them?" Qiao Chu asked, feeling like he would really like to cry instead. The bone numbing chill had tormented almost to the point of death and although he had dreamed that it would get a little warmer, but what was before him should be way beyond anything people would term as warm wouldn't it?

    This was no different from being in a stove!

    "A sudden change between hot and cold would cause great damage to a person's body. If adjustments were not carried out in a timely enough fashion, the change in temperature alone could already take a person's life." Jun Wu Xie explained seriously. It must be said though, that the people from the Dark Regions had in order to create a absolute safe place for the Dark Emperor's tomb to be placed in, really spared no effort to achieve it. Even the air and temperature of the place had been manipulated to such great effect, they had truly carried out their task to the extreme.

    Although she had yet to have encountered the Dark Regions, Jun Wu Xie could already formulate a rough impression of what the Dark Regions could be like in her mind.

    A place that was so undyingly loyal to just one man, so powerful yet mind bogglingly unwavering in their loyalty. What was even more surprising was that after so many had passed after the Dark Emperor fell, not a single person within the Dark Regions had seeked to replace him, to become their new leader, but had instead for those many years, persisted in defending the glory of their Dark Emperor, to the extent that they retreated within themselves by giving up their reign over the Middle Realms, and still stubbornly refused to elect a new leader among them.

    Just for that one point alone, Jun Wu Xie greatly admired them.

    Looking back throughout her past and present lives, among all that she had seen and heard, never had she ever encountered such a force or country, that possessed such resolve.

    Although the Dark Regions had their share of brutal moments, but the points of their swords, were always towards their enemies, never pointed against innocents. That was something that was extremely rare to see.
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