Chapter 1327: “All Consuming Sands (3)”

    Chapter 1327: "All Consuming Sands (3)"

    Mighty, but did not use their power to oppress the weak. That was one point that made them fundamentally different from the Twelve Palaces.

    :"Change out of these clothes." Jun Wu Xie said, narrowing her eyes. If they went into the desert wearing what they were equipped with, they would become hopelessly dehydrated within the first two hours.

    Although their spirit powers would be able to help them maintain their body's temperature to a certain extent, that applied to only when their body temperature went too low. It did not mean that their spirit powers would be able to reduce the temperature as well.

    Faced with the temperature suddenly soaring by several tens of degrees, they had no choice but to temporarily changing out of their thick clothes that kept them warm, to ready themselves for the next leg of the journey in light clothing.

    Fortunately they had prepared themselves well before they had set out upon this journey and they only needed to shed the thick outer clothes they had on.

    The clothes that they changed out of were all stored within Jun Wu Xie's Cosmos Sack in case they would have any sudden need for them again.

    From the chilling Bone Corroding Forest and having to step immediately into the scorching sea of golden sands, the heat hit the companions like a tidal wave. The wild howling gale blowing at the group had grit and fine sand caught within it that scratched at their faces. Needless to even mention opening their mouths to speak, even by taking a breath, they were able to feel the stinging pain from having the grit enter their nasal passage.

    The companions tore the corners of their clothes off and used them as veils to tie them over their faces, covering over their nose and mouth, to filter out the swirling sand within the winds.

    The golden sands beneath their feet was so loose that sapped at their strength as they walked, every foot set down upon them sinking a good way in. The fine sand surrounding them quickly filled the sunken holes made by their steps, covering over their feet in short order.

    "This is quicksand." Jun Wu Xie said as she immediately gathered her spirit powers under her feet, to reduce her body's weight upon them.

    The vast expanse of desert, was no ordinary desert, but an enormous region of quicksand. The slightly bit of inattention might cause anyone of them to sink into it, swallowed by by the golden sands.

    Without the impediment from the thick fog, their visibility of the surrounding area lengthened by quite a distance and even without the Spirit Fire Globes, they were able to at least see the path forward.

    But this path, had nowhere for them to put their feet.

    Once they stepped onto the quicksand, the sand sucked at their feet vehemently and the more they struggled, the tighter the quicksand would hold them. It was different from the wet marshes, as in the wet marshlands, they could still look for clues and traces for the sinkholes. But the quicksand was much more terrifying as the suction of those sinkholes in the swamp were not so strong and if they mistakenly stepped into one, they could still be rescued, whereas for the quicksand..... their chances for survival was much lower.

    The desert before the eyes of the bunch of youths drove them into such deep gloom they almost vomited blood. They could very well understand how those people the Twelve Palaces had sent out must have felt when they were faced with this desert after having undergone the relentless torment.

    Countless obstacles and endless dangers, manifesting in myriad ways and many different forms. If they were not deeply entrenched within it themselves, the youths might just sing and dance in praise of the wit and intelligence of the people from the Dark Regions, but at that very moment, they all really could not make themselves even raise the faintest smile.

    "The Dark Regions are really something." Qiao Chu exclaimed as he slapped the back of his head. He could really take his hat off to the people from the Dark Regions. How did they ever achieve all of this?

    Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to make her move as quicksand was not something that was unique to just this world and she had heard about them before she was reborn.

    As the organization would encounter all kinds of different situations, there were times that things happened in the desert. She had once treated an assassin from the organization and his target had been in the desert. He had tailed the target for three months before he saw an opportunity for him to strike, but he had been trapped within the desert. Not only had the target managed to escape, he had nearly sunk into quicksand. Fortunately his companions had not been too far away from him them and they managed to rescue him in time.

    That man had gotten himself shot by a gun at that time and was sent to Jun Wu Xie. A large hole in his shoulder but he had still gone on to jabber non stop and spoken a lot about his experience within the desert.
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