Chapter 1330: “Want Hugs”

    Chapter 1330: "Want Hugs"

    Among things at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff, some were eerie and horrifying, some were beautiful and enchanting, but they all shared one similar trait.

    They were all, deadly.

    If the companions were to recall the most dangerous place they had ever encountered throughout their lives, they would surely conclude that this was the place without exception,

    Jun Wu Xie's condition was still rather alright. Her mood had not fluctuated that greatly and her control over her spirit power's use had been exquisitely precise and compared to Qiao Chu and Fei Yan, she could be considered to be still managing rather well. With this rare opportunity for her to get some rest, she did not even stop to even think and just spread out the map before her to check their current location against the map.

    "You don't need to rest?" Jun Wu Yao sat down beside Jun Wu Xie and asked, as he looked at the side stubborn profile of his little one's face, feeling a pained for her.

    Throughout the journey, Jun Wu Xie had never once taken the initiative to ask him to help, even when she knew that things would have been a whole lot easier if he did, choosing to give up on that shortcut.

    If even against these obstacles she had to rely on people to help her resolve, then how could she have the cheek to claim that she wanted to go against the Twelve Palaces?

    She was not seeking to be a flower beneath the wing of a powerful entity but to become a powerful entity herself that soared towards the horizon to overlook everything beneath herself.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head and said: "I'm not tired."

    Jun Wu Yao however cradled her in his arms and took the map away from her hands, saying firmly but still highly gentle as he said: "I think that you're tired though."

    Jun Wu Xie was slightly surprised as she looked up into Jun Wu Yao's concerned gaze and hesitated a moment before she relented. She lay herself within Jun Wu Yao's arms and looked at Little Jue who had already fallen asleep upon Ye Sha's lap.

    "We're almost reaching there and I do not want to waste any time." The earlier they find the Dark Emperor's tomb, the faster they would be able to gain dominating might. Over the past one month, Jun Wu Yao had not raised his hand to help them many times, but everytime he did, it just made Jun Wu Xie further realize his overwhelming might.

    She did not wish to forever just be able to stand behind him, to see him shield her from the strong gales and tumultuous storms. That was not what she wanted.

    "If you do not get yourself some good rest, for the rest of the journey, I would not mind carrying you as we go." Jun Wu Yao said with an eyebrow arched. This little one could sometimes be so stubborn it made him want to take a bite out of her.

    "Just like this?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised both her arms, to hook them around Jun Wu Yao's neck, as her clear eyes suddenly flashed with an evil glint.

    It was Jun Wu Yao's turn to be slightly surprised this time as the tiny hands hooked around his neck slightly exerted some strength, greatly shortening the distance between him and her, where he could clearly see his own reflection within those enchanting eyes.

    "If you like it, that can surely be arranged." Jun Wu Yao suddenly laughed, his arms lifting, carrying her horizontally up in the air.

    The little one was learning to become more and more evil.

    Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes and suddenly crinkled her nose at Jun Wu Yao. Within his embrace, she then found herself a comfortable position and snuggled deeper, her tiny face resting against his chest, and slowly closed her eyes.

    "Wake me up in a little while."

    Indulging like this occasionally, wasn't that bad, right?

    Jun Wu Yao laughed lightly in spite of himself as he carried Jun Wu Xie who was gradually sinking into dreamland. He looked at the side of her beautiful and serene face and suddenly felt..... himself wishing to find himself a sweet and agonizing task to commit himself to.

    Ye Sha and Ye Mei at the side were however silently praying for their Lord.

    They do not have enough icy water here for their Lord Jue to bring down the heat! Lord Jue, you've got to hold yourself back!

    Seeing Jun Wu Xie falling asleep within Jun Wu Yao's arms, Fei Yan suddenly sat upright, his eyes shining as he looked at Rong Ruo.

    "....." Rong Ruo silently shifted her body and turned around to hug the big rock behind her to sleep resting against it.
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