Chapter 1331: “The Tomb That Disappeared (1)”

    Chapter 1331: "The Tomb That Disappeared (1)"

    The highly tormenting difficulties faced every step of the way did not stop the group of people from continuing their way forward. Jun Wu Xie and her companions had traversed through the entire Heaven's End Cliff and had finally reached their destination.

    They were looking over an endless sea of flowers that stretched beyond the horizon, as the violet blooms filled the entire land as far as the eye could see, swaying mesmerizingly under the breeze, beautiful as a painting, a striking contrast that did not fit against all the endless dangers they had encountered on the way here.

    "Where is the Dark Emperor's tomb?" Fan Zhuo asked as he stared at the unending sea of blooms, his gaze however, blank and unseeing. According to the location marked upon the map, they should already be standing right before the Dark Emperor's tomb. But before their eyes, besides the mesmerizing sea of flowers, they could not find even the shadow of anything else.

    After having just undergone countless rounds of unimaginable torment, Jun Wu Xie and her companions weren't really in the mood to admire flowers. The sea of violet blooms was made brighter by the green underneath when a gust of wind blew and a wave swept over the sea of flowers, rising and falling as a flowery fragrance wafted over the group. It was such a truly beautiful sight, but the group just felt despair wash over them.

    Upon the map, it was clearly indicated that the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb was several hundred metres ahead of them but within a thousand metre radius, there was only that sea of flowers bending in the wind. Without the fog, the entire area around them was highly visible and above their heads, it was covered by clouds but sunlight was streaming down which lit up the entire scene before them.

    Besides the violet flowers, there was nothing else they could see.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb seemed like it had never existed before, as not a trace of it could be seen.

    "How can this be..... how can this be....." Qiao Chu lamented, his eyes wide and incredulous, unable to believe that after they had spent every single effort they could, this was the result they got.

    Nothing at all.....

    Nothing at all.....

    The beautiful scenery before their eyes, had taken the entire group of people there, and kicked them down to fall into the deep pits of despair.

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the endless sea of blooms as the wind blew past, kicking up a scattering of falling petals. The purple coloured flower petals swirled around her, bringing to her a nice pleasant fragrance, but she could not find herself feeling any delight.

    Jun Wu Xie pulled her map out once more and checked their location once again. Everything was in order but for the exception that their final target had completely disappeared.

    What could have caused this to happen? Jun Wu Xie's brows creased together. Everything that had been marked out upon the map had been unerringly accurate and that told her that the maps were genuine. Just how much had the parents of Qiao Chu and her other companions sacrificed at that time to complete this map?

    They had seen countless piles of human bones along the way in here and all these years, the number of people who had lost their lives to the Heaven's End Cliff were already too numerous to count. That number could no longer be measured with just tens of thousands, it should be in the millions..... or even reaching in the tens of millions where the Heaven's End Cliff had become their final resting place. A map that had been made with such an unbelievably number of lives behind it, could it possibly be wrong?


    Jun Wu Xie completely rejected that line of thought. The parents of Fan Zhuo and the others had already passed away and it would not be possible for them to verify whether they had truly found the Dark Emperor's tomb at that time.

    And Wen Yu had indeed entered into the Dark Emperor's tomb before. Although he did not remember how he managed to go in there, or how he managed to get out, Wen Yu had definitely entered the Dark Emperor's tomb through the Heaven's End Cliff. That was enough to ascertain that the Dark Emperor's tomb was indeed here and that could not be wrong.


    But what was happening here with the situation before their eyes?

    Jun Wu Xie did not understand it. The Dark Emperor's tomb was definitely at the Heaven's End Cliff and she believed that the parents of Fan Zhuo and her other companions had truly found the Dark Emperor's tomb at that time before they returned to the Middle Realm with the map after completing their mission. With the kind of loyalty they held towards the Twelve Palaces at that time, it was not possible that they would falsely report their findings.
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