Chapter 1332: “The Tomb That Disappeared (2)”

    Chapter 1332: "The Tomb That Disappeared (2)"

    The map was genuine, and the Dark Emperor's tomb could not be fake. So why were they not able to find it?

    There was something really wrong there.

    "Don't get too anxious yet. Everyone take a breather and slowly think it through." Upon seeing all the negativity shrouding her companions, Rong Ruo immediately spoke up. They had been thoroughly exhausted making it through the entire way here and their minds and bodies are not severely wearied, hence, all of them would not be able to maintain a completely logical state of mind at that moment. But, they must not get themselves overly frustrated.

    "Let's all have some rest then. Dumb Qiao, pass me your water skin, I emptied mine earlier and I'm almost dying of thirst." Fei Yan parroted, plopping his rear upon the sea of flowers and stretching his hand out to catch the water skin Qiao Chu tossed over before lifting his back to pour the water down his throat.

    The cooling water flowed down his throat, taking away a little bit of the weariness he felt, and at the same time easing the agitation within his heart.

    Everyone sat themselves down among the sea of violet blooms. They had already come to such a stage that they were not able to look back. Instead of getting angry and frustrated about it, why not give themselves a little rest and cool their heads where they would be able to let their wearied bodies recover a little as well.

    With this rare opportunity to properly rest themselves, everyone grabbed at the time they had and tried to recover their strength. They drank up, and nibbled on food to fill their tummies. Most of the dried rations they had with them were meat with a dry and hard texture, and when they chewed upon them, they were miserably bland and dry. Moreover, they had been eating the same things for the past one month and their tastebuds had more or less become numb towards the same thing.

    What Qiao Chu wished for the most at that moment was when they left the Heaven's End Cliff and returned to the Qi Kingdom in the future, was just to have a good meal. It could be anything, he wouldn't even mind if it was just plain porridge with some small dishes. As long as he did not have to continue to chew on these damnable dried meat!

    "When we go back, I want to feast continuously for an entire month, and stuff myself till I vomit!" Qiao Chu exclaimed as he chewed upon the dry and tough meat, lying back upon the sea of flowers with his arms extended. Unlike the previous freezing chill and scorching heat, the temperature in this place was comfortably warm enough like spring, and coupled with the fragrant flowers and beautiful scenery, he would have thought that this was a rather nice place if they were not there in that location.

    Unfortunately, he really did not feel like admiring it at all at that moment.

    "Please give me a nice spring pool and let me soak in it properly." Fei Yan said as he laid himself back. He was so filthy that he almost could not stand it himself as there weren't really that many water sources in the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff. Even if there were, they either hid a monster within or were filled with lethal poison, none that he could use.

    He only wanted to have a good bath at that moment and wash himself free of all the dirt and grime upon him completely.

    Maybe Qiao Chu and Fei Yan's grumblings made him think about it as well and Fan Zhuo who was sitting among the flowers as well opened his mouth to asked the usually silent Hua Yao, a man of few words.

    "When we go back, what do you want to do?"

    Hua Yao turned to look at Fan Zhuo and after thinking about it a moment, he said: "I only want to have a good sleep."

    He could not remember the last time he had been able to enjoy a peaceful and proper good sleep. The times they had to rest at the bottom of the Heaven's End Cliff were all very short and they were always surrounded by all kinds of hidden dangers. Even if they were able to fall into slumber, they could never allow themselves to fall into it too deep.

    Fan Zhuo gave a light laugh and rested his chin upon a upraised palm and said: "I would really like to go back to the Zephyr Academy to have a look around." He wondered how his one tracked mind brother was doing as the Headmaster and he was thinking whether his little abode in the bamboo grove is still there.

    Blissful thoughts allowed the agitated and frustrated hearts of the youths to gradually calm and the corners of everyone's mouth curled up faintly with a smile. At the age where they were brimming with the exuberance of youth, their hot and boiling blood would not allow them to be so easily defeated.

    "Actually, I am always been curious about something." Qiao Chu said, suddenly sitting up.

    "What?" Hua Yao asked as he looked at him.

    "Tell me, when the Twelve Palaces sent so many countless people out back in those years then, but only our parents managed to locate the Dark Emperor's tomb. Don't you think that it's all too much of a coincidence?" Qiao Chu asked as he scratched his head.
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