Chapter 1333: “The Tomb That Disappeared (3)”

    Chapter 1333: "The Tomb That Disappeared (3)"

    Within the Twelve Palaces, they never had a lack of capable people. Although the parents of Qiao Chu and his companions were strong enough in their own right, they were not considered to be elite in the Twelve Palaces. Besides the parents of the five of them, there were two others from other palaces who had also managed to find the Dark Emperor's tomb. What was strange about it was that the times these people reached the Dark Emperor's tomb had all happened within one day among them and congregated together within the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    If it was said after immense hardship and they had been the one among a million who managed to find the Dark Emperor's tomb, that wouldn't be hard to explain.

    But what was strange was that so many people had managed to go into the Dark Emperor's tomb on the very same day and besides that, regardless how many more people the Twelve Palaces sent out after that, not a single one had been able to find the place again.

    It must be known, that their parents did not have any map in their hands then and although the maps was split up after that, the Twelve Palaces would at least have some clues but in the years more than a decade after that, no one had managed to find it once more.

    That had really puzzled people quite a bit.

    "On that point, I had thought about that before." Hua Yao said as he narrowed his eyes. On that one day, where several people from different and separate groups had somehow managed to find the Dark Emperor's tomb, and after so many years after the Dark Emperor had fallen, they remained the only ones to have achieved it. That had somehow seemed to be rather illogical.

    "I remember that my father had left for the Middle Realm first to report back and my mother remained here in Lower Realm alone with me. At that time, I saw the map on my mother's back and as I was still too young, I did not know the meaning behind that map and innocently asked her why would she want to make a map of a place she had already visited before. But my mother had told me that she didn't remember anything anymore then." Fan Zhuo said with his eyes slightly narrowed. He was the only one among them all who still had the chance to interact with his family after they found the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    In the case of the parents of Qiao Chu and the others, they had been captured immediately upon their return.

    In the beginning, they had only felt that the Twelve Palaces had been highly vicious where they would even kill people who were completely loyal to them.

    But thinking back on it now, there was something rather strange about it.

    "If the Twelve Palaces were worried that the people from the Dark Regions would find out that they had found the Dark Emperor's tomb, they could have easily hidden the people who found the tomb away, why would there be a need to kill them so quickly? Moreover at that time, the maps their men held were not complete and hence, rather than keeping an incomplete map that was sorely lacking, why would they not rather keep the very person who found the Dark Emperor's tomb with them?" Fan Zhuo's mind had been suddenly dragged into the endless abyss where the hatred he kept deep within had risen and filled his heart quickly at that moment, rendering him incapable of thinking deeper into the reason that caused his parents to be killed.

    But calming himself to think about it carefully, it suddenly seemed that there were many inconsistencies with the way he had thought before.

    "If what your mother said is true, then the reason why the Twelve Palaces would kill them is now very clear." Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

    "The Twelve Palaces had been searching for the Dark Emperor's tomb secretly, afraid that the people from the Dark Regions will find out. Hence, they would naturally not leave behind anything that would let anyone have a hold over them. If your parents could still remember the precise location of the Dark Emperor's tomb, they might have been kept alive, but if it was as what Fan Zhuo's mother had said that they have forgotten, then the value of keeping them alive would be far less than those incomplete pieces of the map. People of no value to them would have no need to be kept alive, and the people from the Dark Regions would then have nothing to hold against them." Jun Wu Xie explained. She had considered this before, but had not been able to come to a conclusion. However, Fan Zhuo's words today had cleared up all her doubts and provided a logical explanation for the places she had not been able to reconcile.
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