Chapter 1334: “The Tomb That Disappeared (4)”

    Chapter 1334: "The Tomb That Disappeared (4)"

    The parents of Fan Zhuo and the others could have by some exceptional stroke of luck, managed to enter the Dark Emperor's tomb and that moment's luck had coincidentally happened on the same day and hence, only people who came close to the Dark Emperor's tomb on that one day had been able to locate the real target.

    And after entering the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had then discovered each other. In order to restrict each other from the various different palaces, they had come up with the maps. Although that was what they said, everyone had known it clearly that the maps were just a superficial solution to their predicament because as long as they remembered everything that happened here, then the maps would not be of any use at all.

    But after that, it was not known what they had all encountered. When they left the Dark Emperor's tomb, they had suddenly forgotten everything.....

    Her guess made her recalled what Wen Yu told her before. Wen Yu had been severely injured and thought he did not have long to live. But when he fainted within the Dark Emperor's tomb, someone had brought him out of the Heaven's End Cliff.

    Besides that, he did not remember anything else, where all his memories within the Dark Emperor's tomb became a forgotten blank.

    In regards to that point, Jun Wu Xie had initially thought that it was because Wen Yu had been too severely injured which had caused him to forget those things, But thinking back upon that now, it was wondered whether he could not remember, or could it be..... his memory was quietly erased away?

    Jun Wu Xie stared at the endless sea of blooms and repression came into her eyes.

    The map could not be wrong, and the Dark Emperor's tomb was right there.

    But they could not see it, nor touch it, like it had disappeared from there.

    For so many years, just how many of the most elite pugilists had the Twelve Palaces sent to infiltrate into the Heaven's End Cliff? Even if Jun Wu Xie was not able to determine their numbers, she knew that all those people definitely held stronger power than they did.

    They could very well have found their way up to here like they did, but seeing this endless sea of flowers had stripped them of all hope.

    Were they unable to find it, or have they found it but were not aware of it?

    If not for the map she had in her hand, Jun Wu Xie wouldn't be able to be so certain that they were standing right before the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    Where had the Dark Emperor's tomb actually disappeared to?

    Jun Wu Xie suddenly stood up and walked further into the sea of flowers.

    Suddenly, a tiny figure appeared right before her.

    A flower garland ring made from the violet flowers appeared before her eyes. Little Jue's rosy little face was lifted up and filled with anticipation as he looked at Jun Wu Xie, both his hands stretched out to present the flower garland before Jun Wu Xie.

    "Little Big Brother, gift..... gift for..... you....." Little Jue's voice said bashfully, tinged with a trace of nervousness.

    Jun Wu Xie was surprised and she raised a hand to ruffle Little Jue's fiery red hair. The child was really acting like he had come here for a leisure trip, not showing the slightest bit of anxiety or frustration. That was a good thing as well, to live without worries was at least better than living in perpetual melancholy and gloominess.

    Jun Wu Xie squatted down and looked up at Little Jue.

    "Help me put it on."

    Little Jue blinked his eyes blankly and with his little hands trembling, his slowly raised the flower garland that wasn't really beautifully done and put it over Jun Wu Xie's head.

    "Nice." After Little Jue put it on Jun Wu Xie, he took steps backwards shyly with his tiny hands held behind his back, his body twisting up feeling slightly embarassed.

    A faint smile curled at the corners of Jun Wu Xie's lips as her gaze moved carelessly over Little Jue's shoulder. In the instant her gaze swept past, she froze slightly, a look of surprise rising within her eyes. She stood up slowly and stared into the endless sea of blooms stretching beyond the horizon.
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