Chapter 1335: “The Tomb That Disappeared (5)”

    Chapter 1335: "The Tomb That Disappeared (5)"

    Jun Wu Xie's gaze was highly intense and it attracted the attention of Qiao Chu and the others.

    "Little Xie, what are you looking at?" Qiao Chu asked as he sat up in curiosity, with a lot of flower petals struck to his body.

    "You wouldn't be able to guess a young girl's heart." Fei Yan whispered as he peeked at the roughly made flower garland on Jun Wu Xie's head, and then stole a quick glance at Rong Ruo before he silently reached his hand out and grabbed at a bunch, deflowering quite a number blooms from their stalks. He then sat quietly within the sea of flowers and his two hands flew speedily as he weaved.

    "Oh, so anything about a young girl's heart, I'll really not know as much as you do, Little Yan....." Qiao Chu said meaningfully, dragging out the last syllable.

    Fei Yan then graced him with a roll of his eyes and continued with what he was busy with.

    He didn't have time to bother with that dumb block!

    "What did you see?" Rong Ruo asked as she walked over to Jun Wu Xie. From what she knew of Jun Wu Xie, the sea of flowers before their eyes would not arouse such strong interest in Jun Wu Xie and she had been acting normally all this while so what had suddenly caused her to stare so intensely in front of her?

    Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but just took the flower garland off her head and held it within her hand, her gaze not wavering an inch.

    Little Jue's head lowered in grief as he thought that "Little Big Brother" did not like it.

    "Look at this." Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised up a hand and pointed in the direction that her gaze was fixed upon.

    Above the sea of flowers, another flower garland suddenly hung suspended in midair. That flower garland was not very well crafted, and was rather loosely woven together, an exact replica of the one held in Jun Wu Xie's hand.

    "What is going on? !" Rong Ruo said in surprise, slightly taken aback by the scene before her.

    The flower garland suspended in midair looked too strange and when Jun Wu Xie moved the flower garland in her hand slightly, the other flower garland on the far side actually moved in tandem!

    "It's a mirror mirage!" Fan Zhuo exclaimed as he shot to his feet, leaping over to come beside Jun Wu Xie in just two steps.

    "Mirror mirage?" Jun Wu Xie asked inquiringly.

    "It's isn't entirely clear to me but I heard my mother mentioned something about it before, though I can't remember it clearly." Fan Zhuo seemed to have grasped at something, but could not accurately explain it. He then immediately turned his head and looked at Jun Wu Yao at the side.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, do you know what's happening here?"

    Jun Wu Yao came beside Jun Wu Xie and stared at the strange phenomenon, but there was any question in his eyes as he took the flower garland from Jun Wu Xie's hand. Under Little Jue's nervous gaze, Jun Wu Yao suddenly tossed the flower garland high up in the air.

    After the violet flower garland was tossed up into the air, it broke apart and flower petals fell slowly in a wide scatter, like snowflakes falling down through the air.

    And on the far side, the exact scene was replicated.

    Exactly the same!

    "Moon Water's Mirror." The corners of Jun Wu Yao's mouth lifted in a smile as he said, lowering his head to look at Jun Wu Xie.

    "This is a kind of barrier, rather much like those we've seen before. But this one is a little more complex as according to different barriers, they can be made to reflect different things, and this barrier here, should only be able to reflect plants."

    It was the exact same image, but only the reflection of the flower garland showed and not of Jun Wu Xie and the others, as if there was a force that screened them out.

    Jun Wu Xie's heart jumped suddenly and she shot herself forward.

    About a hundred meters out, she could suddenly feel a strange kind of pressure, that was stopping her from moving further forward!

    It was like an invisible wall, that prevented her from passing.

    Jun Wu Xie's heart then started pounding hard. She raised up her hand and placed her hand upon that seemingly formless wall. Under her palm, she could feel the cold touch of hard and unyielding stone!

    The Dark Emperor's tomb!
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