Chapter 1336: “The Tomb That Disappeared (6)”

    Chapter 1336: "The Tomb That Disappeared (6)"

    Jun Wu Xie's heart then started pounding hard. She raised up her hand and placed her hand upon that seemingly formless wall. Under her palm, she could feel the cold touch of hard and unyielding stone!

    The Dark Emperor's tomb!

    Jun Wu Xie felt around the wall that she could not see. She lowered her head to look down at the flowers around her tiny feet. Before her feet, the flowers looked disjointed, like they were cut off suddenly at certain parts.

    It was a distortion of space!

    Jun Wu Xie drew in a deep breath.

    She finally understood why even after so many powerful pugilists had reached deep into the Heaven's End Cliff, and after so long a period of time, they had all still not managed to find the location of the Dark Emperor's tomb. It was all because.....

    The real Dark Emperor's tomb was something that they all could not see at all!

    Just as what Jun Wu Yao had said, the boundary barrier named "Moon Water's Mirror" had been placed outside the Dark Emperor's tomb which created a mirage of a mirror's image. Within that image, only plants were reflected and when seen from a distance, the entire place looked just like an endless sea of flowers that stretched to the horizon, which would then drive despair into people. But who could have guessed that the real Dark Emperor's tomb lay hidden within that sea of flowers?

    Even if those people managed to find their way to this place, they would be confused by this illusionary mirage where the end of the sea of flowers was a precipitous edge of a cliff. No one would have ever expected that the biggest secret lay right in the middle of that sea of violet blooms.

    After trudging through the endless torturous and tormenting obstacles, when those people came to this place, they had not managed to discover the profound mystery hidden behind the "Moon Water's Mirror".

    The flowers which all looked exactly the same throughout, had not looked to be unusual in anyway when the companions had seen it from a distance, and if not for Little Jue's childlike innocence where he had tried to weave a flower garland for Jun Wu Xie that was reflected in the "Moon Water's Mirror", they might never have discovered this secret as well.

    That the Dark Emperor's tomb was actually right before their eyes!

    They had finally found it!

    "It's the Dark Emperor's tomb. We've found it." Jun Wu Xie's voice suddenly rang clearly, bringing the delightful news to her companions behind her.

    Qiao Chu and the others immediately leapt to their feet from among the flowers and their excited emotions made their eyes light up seemingly with a fire within. All the torment and exhaustion they had suffered throughout the journey seemed to immediately disappear without a trace, as the blood within their bodies began to boil!

    After so many years, they had finally found it!

    "We found it..... We found it....." Qiao Chu's voice was beginning to shake and his eyes suddenly became red around the rims. After silently enduring it all for so many years, they have finally found the Dark Emperor's tomb, and the emotions they had held in helpless suppression for too long exploded in their chest at that moment!

    "ARRRGH! ! !"

    A roar that spilled out right from within their hearts gave vent to the emotions that ran impossibly high within them at that moment.

    "Big Brother Wu Yao, for the "Moon Water's Mirror", is there a way to unravel it?" Hua Yao fought to hold down the excitement raging within as he asked in a calm voice.

    Finding the Dark Emperor's tomb, meant that they had already succeeded by half. Although the Dark Emperor's tomb was right there before them, they could only feel it but not see it and they would not be able to enter the place by just touching it.

    They had absolutely no clue on how big the Dark Emperor's tomb really was and if they were to rely only on their hands to feel it inch by inch, only the Heavens would know in which year and month it would be before they would find the real entrance.

    "For such barriers, you will only need to find its root and just smash it and it will do." Jun Wu Yao said with a smile. Seeing Jun Wu Xie's eyes light up with its sparkle of delight, his mood seemed to have followed suit and soared.

    Towards Jun Wu Yao's soaring good mood, Ye Sha and Ye Mei had by now been able to remain calm and composed about the whole thing.

    Having their Lord Jue so proactively escorting the Young Miss to come dig up his own tomb was nothing much anymore. He was now even helping them to breach his very own tomb's defences!

    In order to make the Young Miss smile, their Lord Jue was truly giving it his best!
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