Chapter 1337: “The Tomb That Disappeared (7)”

    Chapter 1337: "The Tomb That Disappeared (7)"

    Everyone immediately began to search around the edge of the barrier for anything suspicious. With the Dark Emperor's tomb right before them, and Jun Wu Yao had said it clearly that the thing maintaining the boundary barrier should be several crystals. All they had to do was to smash them and the barrier would be broken.

    It was easier said than done as it wasn't that easy to find them. They were unable to see just how big the Dark Emperor's tomb was, but as the companions walked following the edge, every single step they took measured for them a certain distance and even after walking for a long while, they still had not found any turning points, all of them still standing on just the first side of the Dark Emperor's tomb.

    Fei Yan and Rong Ruo walked one way and although his eyes were on Rong Ruo's back, Fei Yan had a hand feeling around in search. But his other hand was kept behind his back as he soundlessly increased the pace of his steps and walked up right behind Rong Ruo's back.

    Rong Ruo was single mindedly focused upon locating the crystals that held the boundary barrier when she felt something fell upon her head. She reached her hand up to touch it in puzzlement and only got her hand filled with the fragrance of flowers.

    Rong Ruo turned herself around to see Fei Yan standing right behind her who had that familiar brilliant smile upon his face.

    "It looks very nice on you." Fei Yan said smilingly.

    Rong Ruo looked into the reflection of the garland in the barrier. The flower garland upon her head when compared to the one Little Jue weaved was more well made, the violet blooms intricately woven together with the green leaves, and it was rather beautiful.

    But Rong Ruo's lips stiffened up slightly, as she looked at Fei Yan in helplessness.

    Fei Yan's face was still wearing that brilliant smile but as he noticed the grave expression on Rong Ruo's face, the smile upon his lips began to wane.

    It wasn't that he could not feel it. After the day that accident between the two of them happened, Rong Ruo had been intentionally distancing herself from him. The two who were inseparable before, were now awkwardly silent with each other, and Rong Ruo intentional or unintentional avoidance of him, had always caused Fei Yan's heart to wince in sorrow.

    The feeling was something Fei Yan had never experienced before. It was agonizing, unspeakably agonizing.

    "You..... don't like it?" Fei Yan's voice was sounding a little raw.

    Rong Ruo stared at Fei Yan's face and her brows creased up in a furrow. She removed the flower garland off her head and put it into Fei Yan's hands.

    "I thought you knew it clearly already. It is impossible between us." Rong Ruo said rather perplexedly. She had always been very close to Fei Yan, but she only treated Fei Yan as the best comrade she had, like a real brother of hers.

    And that was it.

    "Why?" Fei Yan asked softly.

    Why was it impossible?

    Rong Ruo sighed, and her chest began to stifle up.

    "I am not what you think I am like. Actually, I....."

    Just as Rong Ruo was about to say something, a huge resounding crash suddenly rumbled within their ears!

    The two of them immediately forgot what they were talking about as they quickly turned their heads towards the sound!

    Jun Wu Xie had been searching for the crystals that would unravel the boundary barrier and after searching for a stretch, she suddenly felt something tiny protruding out beneath her feet. She had immediately squatted down and swept away the soil around the tiny protrusion under the flowers.

    A light purple crystal gleaming with luster suddenly appeared within the soil. She summoned up her spirit powers and pushed it to a flare before she delivered a mighty smash onto the crystal!

    In the instant that her fist landed upon the crystal, the beautiful purple crystal was suddenly covered in broken cracks. At the same moment the crystal broke, a resounding crash rang out and before Jun Wu Xie could react, she suddenly felt the ground beneath her feet cave in and sink down!

    A powerful force then sucked her in entirely, dragging her down together with the sudden cave in!
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