Chapter 1338: “The Tomb That Disappeared (8)”

    Chapter 1338: "The Tomb That Disappeared (8)"

    Everything happened too quickly and Jun Wu Xie was not able to react in any way before her tiny little figure was instantly swallowed up by darkness!

    In the split second just before she was dragged into darkness, she saw Jun Wu Yao's figure speeding towards her and upon that highly familiar looking face, she saw for the first time an expression of panic.

    It was just an instant, and then all she saw was darkness.

    It was not known what she was falling into and in the darkness, Jun Wu Xie seemed to be falling down a steep slope. The space was narrow and confined as she continued to slide down together with the rubble of rocks and stones.

    Within the darkness, she could only hear the tumbling of the rubble.

    After sliding down for a rather long while, Jun Wu Xie's feet finally landed upon flat ground. The darkness was slowly dissipating as dim firelight brightened the scene before her eyes.

    Jun Wu Xie had fallen into a place that looked like an underground palace!

    The surrounding walls were filled with lifelike carvings upon the stone. She turned around to look at the place she had just slid down from and at the moment she turned around to check it, a stone door suddenly slid down from the top, completely sealing off the entrance she had just come in from!

    Jun Wu Xie tried to smash the huge slab of stone but the stone was incredibly hard and even when she elevated her spirit power to the Purple level, she was not able to even make a chip upon the stone!

    With the exit blocked and unbreakable, Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to give up on it. She then raised her head to look around at her surroundings. The place that she was at, seemed to be a wide corridor and upon the surrounding walls there were stone lamps that were carved in the shape of beasts, each holding a warm burning flame. The distance between each interval of the beasts lamps were the exact same length and the lit lamps were not very bright which filled the entire place only rather dimly.

    "This is the Dark Emperor's tomb?" The little black cat said, sitting upon Jun Wu Xie's shoulders as it shook off the dirt stuck upon its body. When Jun Wu Xie fell, it had been on Jun Wu Xie's shoulder as usual and it had fallen down here together with her.

    "It should be." Jun Wu Xie answered as she gathered her thoughts. They had all been searching high and low for the entrance into the Dark Emperor's tomb and in the end, she had not thought that she would end up "entering" in here unknowingly which she didn't know whether to laugh or cry about.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb which had caused the people in the Middle Realm to spill blood and almost spitting out their hearts in search had finally had its secretive veil lifted before Jun Wu Xie but unfortunately, she had been the only one to come into the Dark Emperor's tomb. She wondered how her companions outside were doing?

    In Jun Wu Xie's mind, the image of the last expression Jun Wu Yao had shown on his face rose involuntarily.

    Anxious and in panic. That was the first time she had seen such an unbecoming expression upon his face.

    Although it did not suit him well, it still made her feel like laughing. Outside there now, he must surely be mad with panic.

    "There is no poison in the air here." Little Black said as it sniffed with its nose, its sense of smell was more sensitive than machines.

    "It's really strange though. This Dark Emperor's tomb is afterall a grave, so how come there isn't the tiniest stench of rot in here? There isn't any other strange smells in the air and those lamps, why are they still burning? The Dark Emperor has already been dead for so many years so who lit these lamps? It couldn't be a ghost could it....." The little black cat said with a shiver. It was afraid of nothing throughout the Heavens and on Earth with the lone exception of ghosts.....

    Jun Wu Xie swung her gaze in helplessness towards the little black cat wanting to remind it that ghosts as they were called, was just another name for spirit bodies, And strictly speaking from certain perspectives, wouldn't the little black cat itself be a "ghost"?

    But what the little black cat said was not completely without reason. Jun Wu Xie had noticed it as well. Those were indeed flames that burned upon those beast shaped lamps and those flames should have a finite period that they could remain burning. The Dark Emperor had fallen since so many long years ago but these flames still had not gone out, which was indeed a rather strange fact.
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