Chapter 1339: “The Dark Emperor’s Treasure (1)”

    Chapter 1339: "The Dark Emperor's Treasure (1)"

    Lifelike murals were carved on the stones walls all around, the exquisite and heavenly techniques making the characters depicted seemingly come alive. Jun Wu Xie peered to see what was depicted upon the stone walls under the dim light. The entire stretch of the wall from the beginning to the end were covered with the murals and instead of saying they were murals, it might be said that they were more like they were a record of certain past events that occurred.

    On the wall that was right in front of Jun Wu Xie, a man wearing a mask was carved upon it. The man's mask was extraordinarily magnificent and he was standing at the pinnacle of everyone,  straight and tall with his hands behind his back, facing straight towards a humongous ferocious beast. The immense beast was half submerged within water, its tentacles waving malevolently, looking like it would jump out from the mural at any moment.

    "This is the Dark Emperor." Jun Wu Xie said as she stared at the man wearing the mask. From the position he was standing at, in the scene where he was crowded around by everyone, it was easier to deduce the man's identity.

    As well as the fact that as she was currently within the Dark Emperor's tomb, she could not imagine who else would be depicted in the things within.

    As for that humongous monster, it was not one that was unfamiliar to Jun Wu Xie. That was the gigantic "octopus" that they had encountered in a lake along their journey here.

    On this mural, it should be presenting the time when the Dark Emperor subjugated the "octopus". Following the mural on this wall, every carving further down the line seemed to tell a story and if there was nothing unexpected, all the carvings upon all the murals should be a eternal eulogy of the glorious life the Dark Emperor lived.

    But what Jun Wu Xie was looking at was not the beginning, nor was it the end.

    Upon the mural, the mysterious man wearing the mask was undoubtedly the Dark Emperor and in every single carving, he always stood alone above everyone else. It was not known whether the people from the Dark Regions had intentionally glorified it but within those murals, it seemed the Dark Emperor was omnipotent.

    Subjugating monsters, defeating entire armies, holding reign over the Middle Realm.

    Just by looking a few of the murals, every single one exemplified the might of the Dark Emperor and he looked to be completely peerless.

    "This is the Dark Emperor? Why did he need to wear a mask?" The little black cat asked as it swished its tail lazily, feeling rather puzzled. When Qiao Chu and the others had mentioned the Dark Emperor from before, they had not said anything about the Dark Emperor wearing a mask.

    "Is it because he's too ugly?" The little black cat thought nastily.

    Jun Wu Xie shook her head as she walked to stand before another mural, to stare at the exquisite mask worn upon the Dark Emperor's face.

    "The design on the mask is special and I have seen it before. Do you still remember when we experimented with spells through the runes? They are some that I still could not be certain of their meaning and upon that mask, are carved some of those very runes that I do not understand." Jun Wu Xie said as she ran her hand carefully over the rune spell hidden within the mural.

    She did not feel that a man who was powerful enough to make the entire Middle Realm submit to him would wear a mask because of his looks. In fact, the mask looked like it had actually been added on by the Dark Region's craftsman after the Dark Emperor passed on.

    With the peerless might of the Dark Emperor and with his vaunted position in the Dark Regions, the people in the Dark Region wouldn't dare to depict the Dark Emperor's face and countenance accurately and this was the only alternative they could take with the carvings as they did not dare to profane the Dark Emperor in their depictions. Hence, they had added in the mask and the runes carved upon that mask should hold some special meaning.

    Jun Wu Xie continued to look at the murals and if all the stories they told were true, that the man who had once reigned over the entire Middle Realm would have held might that transcended beyond anything they ever knew.

    In that dim firelight, the murals filled every single wall and as Jun Wu Xie proceeded forward through the corridor to find an exit, she also stared at all the stone carvings upon the walls.
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