Chapter 1340: “The Dark Emperor’s Treasure (2)”

    Chapter 1340: "The Dark Emperor's Treasure (2)"

    Looking at those murals, Jun Wu Xie understood better the kind of status the Dark Emperor enjoyed in the hearts of the people in the Dark Regions. He was not just one who ruled over them, but in the hearts of the people in the Dark Regions, he was more like a deity. They held him in awe, worshipped him, revered him, and in their eyes, the Dark Emperor was an omnipotent god.

    Within the stone carvings, besides the fact that the Dark Emperor always stood out from large numbers of people, all the other people looked humbled and highly devoted to him.

    Thoughts of cult members who were too frighteningly devout from her past life inadvertently came into Jun Wu Xie's mind. Those people would sacrifice everything for the god they revered in their minds. But as Jun Wu Xie never believed in any kinds of religion, she did not feel thst strongly against it.

    Although she did not believed in them,  she respected the faith of others.

    The Dark Emperor's tomb was immense and only when she was within it did she really feel just how big it was. Jun Wu Xie walked for an entire half hour and she had just reached the end of one corridor before she found herself looking down another endless pathway. Under that dim firelight, the pathway looked as if it stretched to no end, pillars and beams at regular intervals. It was impossible to know where she must go before she could find the exit. Jun Wu Xie then noticed that on both sides of the corridor against the walls, claw shaped bases holding up purples orbs were neatly placed. Those orbs were beautiful to look at and everyone was only about the size of a table tennis ball. They were laid within the claw shaped sockets and the dim firelight reflected off their smooth surface faintly.

    It was not a pearl, nor was it a gem. It can't really be ascertained.

    The two neat rows stuck tightly against the walls, every single purple orb the same size. Along just one corridor, there were at least several thousands of them and regardless what material those orbs were made from, just the level of opulence shown with those orbs, was already nothing to sniff at.

    The Dark Emperor had once plundered all of the Middle Realm's treasures and after he passed on, his people had buried every single one of those treasures with the tomb, without leaving a single one out. At first glance, the interior of the Dark Emperor's tomb did not look to be exceptionally lavish, but when one looked closer, they would realize that in any corner in this place, one would be able to find all sorts of precious and priceless treasures tucked away.

    Gold and silver in this place would no longer be deemed as precious as the more highly prized Black Gold and Black Silver could be seen everywhere, used to decorate the interior. Fan Zhuo had once said, that the price of Black Silver against gold, was already several times higher.

    That piece of rock that Jun Wu Xie had won at the auction with several hundred thousand taels, had yielded merely a little bit of Black Silver but here in the Dark Emperor's tomb, even the claw shaped bases at the edges along the walls were forged from Black Silver. Just the price of a single one of those bases, would surely not be less than a million taels each.

    And within the entire Dark Emperor's tomb it looked as if these bases crafted with Black Silver numbered in the tens of thousands of them, or even hundreds of thousands.

    The wealth the Dark Emperor held, was not something an average person could even begin to imagine.

    According to her calculations, Jun Wu Xie estimated that her current position should still be in the outer fringe of the Dark Emperor's tomb and was furthest out. But even so, what she saw at this place already surprised her greatly.

    "It's little wonder the people from the Middle Realm revered the Dark Emperor with such strong fervour." Jun Wu Xie commented as she looked at everything she was passing. The value of the things in a square inch in here, would be enough enough to feed a family for life without needing to worry about food and clothing.

    To reign dominance over any place, power was an aspect that one could not lack, but similarly, riches was a factor that would be just as important.

    Without even mentioning how many magical artifacts that people coveted for were in the Dark Emperor's tomb, just the riches alone would already cause one to become hopelessly nervous and unsettled.
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